Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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July 1, 2019
8:10 am
Henderson, KY.

Agent Trent was standing next to her car. She was on the phone with agents Vincent and King. "The killer's gone. I'm at the courthouse here in Henderson. There was a typed letter stapled to the remains of Detective Watkins." Valerie said. Robert cursed under his breath before asking "What do you mean Detective Watkins? What does the letter say?" Valerie opened the letter again and began to give a summary. "It basically says that the killer is moving on to greener pastures. Then there's a list of, and I quote, "The Monsters I've killed." "We're on our way." Robert said.

July 1, 2019

Justice stepped off the plane in Cisco. She had already decided she hated Texas. When a man in a baseball cap called her sweet cheeks. She was here for a reason though so she let it go.
After renting a car Justice made her way to a hotel. She would have to get set up here. She already had a place to do her work. Along with an interview for a job. There was just the matter of finding an apartment. As well as the fact that she would have to become a fixture.
People were less suspicious of you if you'd been in the area longer. Especially when people were dying. They didn't know it yet but the demons on her list only had about six months to live.

July 1, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Agent Trent had a conference room ready to go. With every piece of evidence she had. By the time Robert and Brandon showed up. She realized what had taken so long. They had brought everything they had too.
As soon as they were all sitting at the table. Valerie slid a copy of the letter to Robert and Brandon. Then she read the original out loud. "It's been fun. I am off to greener pastures. There are far more needing Justice and you only live so long, you know. I have included a list of the monsters I've killed. Maybe, I'll see you again." After which Robert and Brandon collectively said "Shit". As they read over the victim list.
That's when Robert asked "How the hell could the killer know all this?" To which Brandon said "That's a good question. Something like this has to take years of research and planning. I'm starting to think this is more than just vigilantism. This seems like a vendetta. If so someone on this list may have known the killer."
"Dammit Brandon you're a genius. I want every detail on every one of these victims. I want to know where they were born. Along with everyone they ever knew." Robert ordered. Then added "I'm going to schedule a national news conference. Because I want to know where the killer went." They all went their separate ways.

July 2, 2019

Justice was getting ready for the day. Her interview wasn't until the fifth. She still needed to find an apartment. As she began to get dressed, while listening to the television. It was really just back ground noise.
Suddenly she turned to the watch the news conference. " My name is Agent Robert Vincent. Of the F.B.I's Serial Killer Division. We are looking for a serial killer responsible for eight murders. In Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. The killer has moved on. So any information should be directed to the F.B.I.. We will be calling in the Behavioral Analysis Unit for assistance. As well as following any and all leads." Agent Vincent said.
Justice was so angry "Mother Fucker!" she exclaimed. She was doing them a fucking favor and this is how they repay her. Fuck now she would have to rework her plans. Those Mother Fucker's. She ranted internally. As she threw the remote at the television set. Then continued getting dressed.
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