Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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July 3, 2019
Washington D.C., VA.

More agents had been added to the case. The F.B.I. had a hotline set up and the Behavioral Analysis Unit was reviewing the case. Though most agreed with Agent King in his belief that the killer was doing good work.
They had already gotten a lot of people calling in. Some trying to get someone in trouble. Others telling them they should drop the case. No one had any real information.
Agent Vincent was at the conference table going over data. When another agent came in reporting "We are still going through the victims list but so far we've found nothing. Well except for a lot of criminal records." Vincent thanked him.

July 3, 2019
Cisco, TX.

Justice had bought a new laptop. She was in the process of setting up her security and IP randomizer. It would have to be done before she could hack the F.B.I.. She had already changed her identity. While attempting to come up with a new Modus Operandi as it was called.
Justice also moved her killing room. She would have to order new equipment. Under an alias of course. She wasn't delusional enough to think she wouldn't get caught. Jennifer, her current name, was simply planning to take out as many of these bastards as she could.
Once everything was finished installing and set up. She got to work.

July 4, 2019
Washington D.C., VA.

Agent Vincent and a few others were working the case. In spite of it being a national holiday. They were going over everything again. One of the agents was reviewing call logs and emails. When he noticed something.
"Hey Rob, I found something." he said. Vincent stood up. Walking over to the computer he asked "What did you find?" The agent pointed to a side by side view on the screen saying "I noticed the M.E.'s report for the woman in Henderson,KY. says her time of death was 11:25 p.m. but Marie Smith didn't clock out until 12:30 a.m.." Then he pulled up the call logs from the police department. Before saying "Look here, Marie called in finding the body at seven a.m. the next morning." "Good work. I want everything you can find on this Marie woman."
He immediately called King and Trent. "Our killer may be a woman. We finally found something." The same agent interrupted him as he was talking. "I found something else. We have audio from a 9-1-1 call." he said before playing it. "Hello, there's an eight year old boy. He's alone in the backseat of a gray Ford Taurus. Behind Shawnee Trails Lodging and Suites. He was kidnapped." The female voice said. Vincent looked at the Agent asking "Okay, so how does that connect?". The agent pulled up a file on Christopher Alan Beck. Then explained "Chris here really liked little boys. Ages eight to ten years old. His body was found with twelve others. In Ferne Clyffe State Park. Right next door to the lodge." Vincent was in shock. Not only had they just found a suspect but they might also have her voice. He relayed the information to King and Trent. Then hung up.

July 8, 2019
Washington D.C., VA.

The F.B.I. was hard at work looking for the killer. The Behavioral Analysis Unit had come up with a profile. They were looking for someone with a very high I.Q.. With a history of either sexual abuse or sexual assault. They were making progress. So they called another press conference to let everyone know.
Agent Vincent had just finished with the press conference. When an agent caught him walking toward his office. "Sir we finished the background check on Marie Smith. She didn't exist until five years ago. She moved from Iowa to Kentucky around a year ago. Marie traveled from Evansville, IN. to Cisco, TX. two weeks ago." the agent said. Vincent asked "Okay so what did you find in Texas?" The agent responded "That's the thing. We don't have a picture to put out. There's no Marie Smith in Cisco,TX. So this is all we have."
Vincent thanked him and continued on to his office. He sat there thinking for a minute before he decided to find out where in Iowa she moved from. Then he would be taking a trip.

July 10, 2019

Jenny was going about her everyday life. She had hacked the F.B.I and planted a virus. That way she could keep tabs on the investigation. She found out that they had her former identity as well as her voice. So she deleted all of the audio records. From the F.B.I as well as the local police and 9-1-1. They no longer had her voice.
Having taken care of that. She began work on a new method of torture and murder. All Jenny could do now was hope that none of the people on her list escaped her. She was keeping tabs on them as well.
Jenny had gotten a job at Slowpoke Farm Market. Began attending church at East Cisco Baptist. Not because she was religious but because it made her look good. It was Texas after all. Her apartment would be available soon so she had very few worries. As far as anyone knew Jennifer Roberts was a twenty four year old from California. Trying to escape the big city. Everything was working out.
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