Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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July 12, 2019
Des Moines, IA.

Agent Robert Vincent was at the Polk County Sheriff's Department. He was collecting information on Marie Smith. "What do you mean there's nothing. She moved from here to Kentucky last year." he said to the sheriff's deputy. The deputy responded "I'm sorry Agent Vincent. She has no record and it looks like she lived here for four years. Before that she didn't exist."
Vincent let out a sigh. It seemed to be another dead end. Whoever was killing these people was much smarter than him. He thanked the deputy and decided to check the previous address.
As he knocked on the door of 2810 E. Livingston Ave. An older woman walked by with her dog. "Excuse me ma'am. I'm Agent Vincent with the F.B.I. Can I ask you a few questions?" he asked. The woman looked slightly uncomfortable but agreed. "Have you lived around here long?"
She smiled at his slight southern accent before saying yes. Then he asked her if she knew a woman named Marie Smith. She responded "I did know her. She moved out of state last year. Sweet girl she was always willing to help me out. I have back problems. So it's hard for me to do a lot of bending and lifting. She kept busy though. She was always on the go." He smiled as he asked "Did she ever tell you about where she came from?" The woman laughed saying "I asked where she was from one time. She just said Earth. Then I asked where she grew up. Marie said she grew up here in Iowa." Vincent chuckled at the earth comment. Then asked "Did she ever talk about her family?" "Sad really. She told me her mom was an alcoholic. She started drinking after her brother died. Then her dad committed suicide." she said.
Vincent said "That is sad." before asking "Did she ever say how her brother died?" The woman shuddered a little saying "He was murdered. When he was seven can you believe that. She told me she was going to Kentucky I believe. That the man had finally been found." 'Thank the Lord for old ladies who love to talk.' Vincent thought. Then he asked "Did she ever tell you his name?" She shook her head no saying "No, it seemed to be a sore subject. I just happened to ask about the bracelet she was always wearing. Marie said it was a gift from her little brother."
Vincent thanked her as he walked back to his car. He was walking around to the driver's side when the woman called out to him saying "She said her mom's name was Lisa. Marie wasn't married. Should be Lisa Smith. If that helps." He told her thank you getting into his car.

July 14, 2019
Washington D.C., VA.

With what Agent Vincent learned in Iowa. Which was admittedly not much. They began a search of all seven year olds who were murdered in Iowa. Between the years of nineteen ninety five and two thousand. It was a long shot but they had almost nothing.
Lisa was too common a name to search every one in the state. They weren't even sure Marie really was from Iowa. It was all hear say after all. The only thing they could do was keeping working the case and hope for a break.
They were all in a conference room doing just that. When an agent said "We have a problem. I can't find the audio we had. I've searched all of the files. It's not here." Everyone in the conference room was gawking at that one agent. Vincent asked "Which audio is it? The one from Henderson or the one from Goreville." The agent winced before saying "Both. I can't find any audio records." Vincent took a breath. Then said "Okay, I want you to contact the Tech department. Find those Damn recordings. I'll contact the locals and get hard copies. Those Damn computers are going to end the world."
Agent Vincent pulled his phone out before calling the local authorities. "Hello, this is Agent Robert Vincent. I need to speak to Sam Davis." He said when the phone was answered. A few minutes later a very polite woman answered the phone. "Hello, Agent Vincent how can I help you?" she asked.
"Hey, Sam I need hard copies of the 9-1-1 call from the Cathrine Carter case. The incident number is FRAL09CLD157472." Vincent replied. Sam did a search of her system. "I'm sorry Agent Vincent. I am not finding it. We recently had an all new system set up. Apparently our old one had some serious spyware. That they couldn't remove." Vincent didn't say a word but he had a theory. So he simply thanked her before hanging up.
Then he called the 9-1-1 dispatch center. They told him the same thing. That they no longer had it in their system. After calling everyone in Goreville as well he found that no one had the audio records.
He immediately informed the I.T. department to search the system. Then contacted the director. Telling him that they had lost some major evidence.

July 20, 2019

Jenny had already gotten everything worked out. Her equipment was on the way. The hardest part being getting an adequate amount of succinylcholine. She was also going to have to spend a year buying car batteries.
Having worked out an efficient schedule. Jenny would buy a new battery for her car every other month. By the time she could start working again. It would be the perfect amount of acid. Now all she had to do was wait. It was frustrating as hell.

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