Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 5, 2020
Cisco, TX.

Keeping tabs on the F.B.I. had proven to be a second job for Jenny. They had finally declared it a cold case six months ago. Thank God for small favors. Now she could get back to work.
She did have to adjust her list. Fucking Marshall Stuart decided to move to Denver. Oh, but she will get the sorry son of a bitch. That is if the Texas Rangers don't get her.
It was four pm. "Time to go pick up Lionel." she said to herself as she got into her van. She had been able to get her hands on some triazolam. It could possibly cause hallucinations. That would be fun.

Jenny pulled up to the youth center. Parking in the back. She snuck into the building. When she reached the office it was just after four thirty pm. Jenny stayed out of sight until Lionel came out of his office. As he turned to lock the door she injected him with the tranquilizer.

Two hours later Lionel woke up with a splitting headache. He tried to sit up. Only to realize that he couldn't move. 'What's going on?' he thought. As he looked around he noticed a small table beside him. It had various surgical tools on it.
Suddenly he heard a mechanical voice say "Lionel Darnell Clayton you are a Monster. I kill Monsters." As a person in a hazmat suit walked toward him. He tried to ask what was going on but his mouth was gagged.
The person in the hazmat suit picked up something from the table. Then walked to the end of the bed he was on. He screamed as his dick was being removed. Followed by his balls. After that the person placed his genitals on the table next to him. Before they cauterized his groin area.
Then walked up beside him. He couldn't understand why this person wasn't talking. It was scaring the hell out of him. Lionel knew this was probably the serial killer that was all over the news last year. He even knew why he was on the bed.
As the killer began to make a y incision he realized that whoever this was, was about to autopsy him. By the time he was opened up he had passed out from the pain.
Jenny had decided not to wake him. He would regain consciousness before she got to the good part. She had already severed the nerve in his spinal cord so he couldn't move. Meaning he didn't have to be restrained. She began opening his stomach. That was where she intended to place his genitals.
Once that was done she began removing his liver. Followed by his gallbladder, kidneys, spleen, bladder, and of course his prostate. In fact she was working on his bladder when he woke up screaming. As if anyone but her could hear him.
Lionel couldn't focus on anything but the pain. He had no idea what the killer was doing. Everything hurt, he knew it had to be bad.
Jenny finished removing his organs and picked up her small blow torch. She loved the way he screamed. As she burned him from the inside out. He lost consciousness once again. She finished with that. Moving on to closing him up. She was no where near finished though.
Once he was closed up she woke him. So that he would feel the battery acid dissolving his fingers and toes. After she rolled him over to remove a portion of his spine. After that she grabbed the defibrillator and began electrocuting him.
When everything was done to her liking. Jenny injected him with succinylcholine. Five minutes later he was dead.

June 6, 2020
Cross Plains, Texas

Cross Plains police officers were standing behind 1500 N.E 5th. street. Between the house and the barn. Was a cross with a body nailed to it. Everyone was speechless.
An envelope was stapled to the naked chest of what looked to be a man. One of the officers put on gloves to remove the envelope. After opening it he found a letter.

Hello, this is Lionel Darnell Clayton. He is responsible for the rapes and murders of forty seven teenage boys between the ages of fifteen to seventeen. As well as one twelve year old boy.
You will find the majority of his victims buried in the Wekiwa Springs State Park. Near the Big Fork Campsite. In Apopka, FL. The remaining bodies will be found under his barn.
You're Welcome

June 6, 2020
Washington D.C., VA.

Agent Robert Vincent was sitting in his home office reviewing emails. He was halfway through them when he received a notification for a new one.
Opening it he saw it was from Jessica Rabbit. He immediately knew who it was from. The email read.
Hello, Agent Vincent remember me?
1500 N.E. 5th street
Cross Plains, TX. 76443
Have fun! Oh, and You're Welcome.

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