Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 9, 2020
Rising Star, Texas

Jenny was window shopping at Salamander's Apparel. It was just before closing time. Marcus' shift was almost over. She knew he would go hunting as soon as he left work. That was his plan at least.
She had her own plan though. Marcus Jones was next on her list. Jenny left the store just before closing. Waiting near her van for him to come out. She had made sure to park right next to his car.
As he walked to the driver's side she gave him a shot. He spun around before dropping like a rock. She got him in the van driving away.
An hour and a half later Marcus woke up. His head hurt. His vision was blurred so he closed his eyes for a moment. It didn't help any. Suddenly an alien walked up to him saying "Marcus Xavier Jones you are a demon. I kill demons."
Marcus tried to lift his arms to fight. It was no use because he couldn't move. The alien picked something up. Then walked to the end of the bed.
Jenny followed the same pattern with Marcus as she did Lionel. The only surprise for her was that he only passed out one time. Though he never stopped screaming. Apparently an autopsy is extremely painful.
Once his organs were in the bio hazard bin. She moved on to burning him. Everything was on schedule. She loved her schedule. At this rate she would be able to get eight hours sleep. Before her shift tomorrow. She gave him a shot of the succinylcholine. Then started cleaning up.

June 10, 2020
Abilene, TX.

Agent Vincent and Agent King were assigned to go to Texas. Agent Trent was assigned to another case so she would not be joining.
They were in Abilene coordinating with both the Texas Rangers and the Sheriff's Department. That was one thing Vincent loved about Texas. They may agree with the killer but they were too competitive to lose. If you commited a murder. You would be caught.
Vincent and King had arranged the transfers of the little that they had on the killer. They knew it was a woman. Thinking that she may have lost a brother to a sexual predator. They still had no idea what she looked like. There were no witnesses. With no idea where she was they had very little evidence. Especially after finding advanced spyware in their systems.
Everyone loaded up heading for Cross Plains. After receiving the file on the newest case. As well as informing the local authorities in Apopka.
As they were headed to Cross Plains. Vincent received a call from one of the Rangers. A body had been found in Rising Star. He notified the team so that they could head there instead.
An hour later they reached Rising Star. They would return to Cross Plains to set up ground zero with the locals.
They were standing in a field just off of East College Street. On the outskirts of Rising Star. Staring at a body with a pole through his back. The locals hadn't touched anything. They did tape off the area though.
Reporters were clammering for answers. King walked up to the body removing an envelope. Inside was a typed letter.

Hello, this is Marcus Xavier Jones. He has raped, sodomized, and murdered twenty eight women. You will find his first fifteen victims buried in North Palette Park. In Casper, Wyoming. The remaining victims are in this field.
You're Welcome

King looked at Marcus' body. While handing Vincent the letter. Without saying a word. He had nothing to say. This monster had gotten what he deserved.
They rapped up at the crime scene. Heading back to Cross Plains. Vincent decided to break the silence saying. "Okay, so this makes at least ten victims. The killer has switched things up. As far as her M.O. goes. Any ideas?" He was talking more to himself than anything. King responded anyway asking. "Do you want my honest opinion?"
Vincent replied "No that's alright. Why don't you work on that list of seven year olds in Iowa. I'll have one of the Rangers help you." King simply said "Ok".

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