Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 14, 2020
Abilene, TX.

It was nine thirty pm. Jenny was on her way to Pride Night. A gay club in Abilene. She turned on her blue tooth as she pulled into the employee parking area. Parking right next to Laura's S.U.V..
Jenny called the club. With a burner phone of course. "Pride Night, this is Duke. What can I do for you?" Duke answered. Jenny responded in a fake southern accent. "This is Mary Beth, I am a nurse at Acadia Hospital. I need to speak to Laura please." Duke asked her told hold.
A moment later Laura answered "This is Laura. What's going on?" Jenny made an effort to sound apologetic as she said "I am sorry to say that your mother has been in an accident. We need a family member to come down." Laura immediately agreed. Hanging up she left the club without a word.
As she exited the back door of the club. There was a sting in the side of her neck. Everything around her went dark. As she collapsed to the ground. Jenny got her into the van.
An hour later Laura woke up on a bed. She couldn't see clearly. Her head hurt and she swore she was covered in snakes. She screamed loudly, when she realized she couldn't move.
Jenny walked over to the bed. Saying "Laura Anne Carson you are a Monster. I kill Monsters." Laura wasn't seeing a person in a hazmat suit though. She was seeing a demonic looking creature. The voice she heard was saying "Hell awaits".
The tranquilizer was causing her to hallucinate. Jenny could see the fear in her eyes. It made her smile. Laura was screaming her lungs out. Jenny hadn't even touched her yet. She was almost giddy knowing Laura was probably seeing things.
She picked up a scalpel and her suture kit. Jenny removed the outer lips of Laura's vagina. As well as her clitoris. Then stitched it closed. Before stitching her anus closed. Once she had cauterized the area. She moved to the head of the bed. Making a y incision Jenny began her autopsy.
Laura passed out as Jenny was removing her reproductive organs. She had already removed her liver, spleen, and gallbladder. When Laura's reproductive organs were out. Jenny moved on to her kidneys and bladder. While she burned her from the inside out. Laura regained consciousness.
Jenny began sewing her shut. Before she poured battery acid on Laura's fingers and toes. Causing Laura to pass out yet again. Then she finished by rolling her over so she could remove a portion of her spine. Finally giving Laura a shot of succinylcholine.

June 15, 2020
Putnam, TX.

Yet another body had been found. A woman this time. At 7624 Crookett Street. Of course there was a note.

Hello, this is Laura Anne Carson.
She is responsible for the rapes
and murders of sixteen woman.
You will find their remains in the
storm shelter. X marks the spot.
You're Welcome

Vincent sighed, they still hadn't found anything. Though King was still searching that list. The boy did love a challenge. Who knew so many seven year old boys could die. In Iowa in such a short amount of time.
One of the Rangers opened the storm shelter. Just to find sixteen body's thrown randomly at the bottom. As if they were simply thrown down the steps.
Vincent was beginning to see King's point. These people were getting what they deserved. He climbed into his car. Heading back to Cross Plains.

June 17, 2020
Cross Plains, TX.

The team was reviewing the M.E.'s reports. "So, the victims genitals were found in their stomachs. They were subjected to live autopsies. Although, we don't know how they died. We do however know that the killer switched tranquilizers to triazolam." Vincent said.
King sat quietly for a minute. Trying to decide whether or not to tell them. He had found a solid suspect. Knowing he couldn't hide it forever. He said "I found something." Everyone looked at him before Vincent gestured for him to continue.
"Know that I don't want to say this. I found a seven year old in Iowa. His name was Daniel Evan Loughty. I have an address but I don't know if the family still lives there. Seems he died June fifth 1999.
He was murdered by Victor Richardson age 56. At least that's what the local police believe. Three months later his father committed suicide. Three years ago his sister Justice disappeared." King said.
Vincent wasn't as happy as he thought he'd be. He responded "All of that sounds like we have a viable suspect. I guess we're going to Iowa."
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