Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 18, 2020
Lamoni, Iowa

Vincent along with two other team members. Were in Iowa to check out the information King found. King had stayed in Texas with the rest of the team.
They arrived at 438 S. Walnut Street. After picking up a local detective. Only to find an empty lot. So they decided to canvas the neighborhood.
They had split up each taking a separate house. It didn't take long to find out that the house had burned down. Killing Lisa Georgine Loughty around a year ago. They also learned that no one in the neighborhood remember her daughter. It seemed the area had a high turn over with renters. Most people had only lived there for less than a year.
Ranger Miller suggested "Maybe we should check the highschool." Detective Brant said "That's a good idea. I can check case files. While you all do that. I'll call you if I find anything." Vincent agreed saying "Thank you. That'll definitely help. I am going to the library. I might find something there."
They all exchanged numbers with detective Brant. Then went their separate ways.

June 18, 2020
Eastland, TX.

Jenny was planning a funeral of sorts. The best part was the funeral home was only twenty minutes away. She arrived at *Shepard's Funeral Home. For an appointment with Mr. Lewiston. She parked under the awning behind a black Hurst.
As she entered the building she noticed that it looked like a typical Funeral Home. She walked to the office door knocking before she entered. As she walked in a tall man with graying red hair stood saying "Hello, you must be Miss Baxter. Welcome, please have a seat."
They spent thirty minutes talking. Jenny giving another Emmy worthy performance. Before he offered to give her a tour. She asked "Do you have security in place?" Then quickly said "I only ask because I'm just worried. Someone might try to take my grandpa's body. His friends are idiots ya know."
He chuckled before saying "We have a security system in place. When we are closed. Nobody has ever taken a body though. The cameras don't actually record but they usually keep us out of trouble." Jenny had the answers she needed so as they walked into the viewing area she injected him with the tranquilizer. He had the same shocked look on his face. The one everyone has when they realize what she's done. The last thing he saw as he passed out. Was the smile on her face.

June 19, 2020
Eastland, TX.

King was standing in the viewing area of the funeral home. Once again there was a body with a note stapled to it. Only this one wasn't attached to a pole. It was attached to the podium.
This body was different from the others. In that it was left open. The inside were completely burned. As if the killer had literally started a fire inside the man. Letting it burn until he died. His face looked like it had been crushed with a sledgehammer. He had no fingers or toes.
The killer was pissed off at this one.
King sighed as he removed the letter from the envelope. He was tired of reading the evil that these monsters were exacting.

Hello, This is Darrin Jacob Lewiston. He has kidnapped, raped, and murdered thirty four children. You will not find their remains. The Evil Bastard cremated them.
You're Welcome

King threw the letter to the floor and walked away. He really wished he hadn't told Vincent about Daniel Loughty. He was going to have to get off this case. Otherwise he was going to end up in prison.

June 20, 2020
Cross Plains, TX.

Vincent and the others returned from Iowa. They were swimming in information. Now all they had to do was get some evidence.
They were in the briefing room discussing what all they had learned with everyone. "Okay, so it looks like Justice Loughty is our primary suspect." Vincent said before explaining "Seven year old Daniel Evan Loughty was kidnapped May 21, 2002 by Victor Richardson. One of the victims on our list." King along with a few others rolled their eyes. These were not victims to them.
As Vincent continued "Two weeks later on June 5, 2002. Police located where the boy was being held. Apparently Richardson spent the full two weeks raping and torturing Danny. He died of his injuries on the way to the hospital. The nearest one is twenty two minutes away. So the kid didn't really stand a chance."
King decided to ask "How do we know it isn't the child's mother Lisa?" Ranger Miller responded "Lisa died about a year ago. When the house burned to the ground." King just nodded.
Miller went on to say "I went to the highschool. Found an old year book picture of Justice. Then I went to the board of education for Decatur County. Sweet talked the records lady into giving me Justice's school files."
King was surprised they had been able to find so much in so little time. Miller continued "It seems Justice graduated highschool at fourteen. Then went on to the University. She maintained straight A's all through school. Her parents got her I.Q. tested in middle school. It was one hundred eighty six. They diagnosed her with Borderline Personality Disorder just before her brother died. She's pretty much a psychotic genius."
"That brings us to what I found at the library." Vincent said. Before adding "According to news paper articles. Justice won numerous awards in science and technology. As well as being obsessed with human anatomy. I really believe she's our killer. The problem is we still don't know where she is. Hell, we don't even know what she looks like now."
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