Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 21, 2020
Cross Plains, TX.

The members of the task force had lunch brought in. They were all eating when King looked at Vincent. Saying "I'd like to take a trip back to Henderson. To see if we can get more information on Marie Smith."
Vincent knew that was not the only reason. King needed a break from the bodies. So he responded "I don't know how much you'll find but okay." King nodded his thanks. Finishing his food. Ranger Miller offered to go with him. Which Vincent and King both agreed to.

June 22, 2020
Breckenridge, TX.

It was ten o'clock when Jenny watched Louisa sneak into a house. The house belonged to a client of her's. He was divorcing his wife and Louisa was a decent attorney.
Jenny had planned to be there earlier but was trapped behind a fucking truck driver. The Bastard wouldn't let her pass him. So she was unfortunately running behind. Which pissed her off to no end.
Jenny snuck in once she knew no one would see her. She was hoping she wasn't too late to save the man's life. The problem was Louisa had already made it to the man's room. As much as she wanted to save him. She couldn't risk him seeing her.
She had learned long ago not to trust anyone. He would become a witness. That was something she just couldn't risk. So she stayed out of sight. Until she could get Louisa.
By elven o'clock Louisa had finished with her victim. She made her way to the back door. As she started to step off the porch. She felt a sharp sting in her right shoulder. Suddenly everything around her disappeared.
Two hours later she came around. Someone poured ice water over her face. Then she heard a mechanical voice say "Louisa Cheyenne Higgins. You are a Monster. I kill Monsters."
Louisa couldn't tell who it was. Her eyes were covered. Her mouth was gagged and she couldn't move. That's when she realized the situation. Louisa knew she was going to die. Unlike the others, though, she didn't cry nor would she beg.
Jenny picked up her scalpel and suture kit. Getting to work.

June 23, 2020
Breckenridge, TX.

It was just before dawn. When Jenny returned Louisa to her final victims house. Luckily the privacy fence kept the neighbors from seeing her. She dragged Louisa to the backyard before shoving the pole through her back. With some effort she managed to get Louisa into a standing position.
When that was done she stapled the envelope to Louise's chest. After that she returned to her van. Removing her mask and gloves she drove away. Thinking 'Halfway to Montana.'

June 23, 2020
Breckenridge, TX.

Vincent and the team were at 1510 W. Elm street. This made five bodies in Texas. Thirteen bodies total. The woman was standing with a pole through her back. Vincent removed the envelope reading the letter out loud.

Hello, this is Louisa Cheyenne Higgins. She has raped and murdered eight men. You will find her final victim inside. I took the liberty of covering him up.
You're Welcome
One of the detectives commented "This solves those cases." "What do you mean?" one of the Rangers asked. The detective answered "We've had seven cases. Men being raped and murdered in the city. There were no witnesses or evidence."
Vincent looked at him "Why didn't you call us in?" he asked. The detective shrugged saying "We would have solved it eventually."

June 23, 2020
Henderson, KY.

King and Miller were standing outside an apartment building at 253 S. Alves Street. They were waiting on the manager to return from lunch. The sign on the door told them they had twenty minutes.
"Why don't we just talk to the residents." Miller asked. King responded "Okay". They went door to door. Each taking a separate floor as they made their way through the building.
Finally Miller reached the apartment next to 115. Which was Marie's. He knocked on the door. When a man, looking somewhat annoyed, answered the door Miller introduced himself. "I'm Jake Miller of The Texas Rangers. I'd like to ask a few questions about Marie Smith. She used to live next door." Miller said.
The man instantly smiled saying "Oh yeah , well I'm Mike Garrison. Ask all you want. That bitch kept turning me down. Then she up and leaves. I never got to hit that fine piece of ass."
Miller just chuckled he could play along. This guy would tell him everything. Miller asked "Oh really, How fine was she?" Mike's smile grew as he said "Man she was fucking gorgeous. She had perfect curves. Only 5'3 but her eyes. Oh my god those crystal blue eyes with her long brown hair. I would've torn that up."
"I can't blame you man she sounds like a dream. So, what else can you tell me about her?" Miller asked. Mike started talking "She wasn't home much. Then when she was she was quiet as a mouse. Unless she had company that is. She worked at a restaurant here in town. Marie took a week off when her boss died. Left town quite a bit. Oh,get this, that bitch wouldn't give me the time of day. She'd bring guys home though. They'd spend a few hours then go home. It wasn't like I wanted to date her."
Miller thanked him for the information. Then went to find King.
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