Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 25, 2020
Cross Plains, TX.

Most of the task force was in the conference room. They were comparing medical supply shipments, to a list of Electronic shipments. Trying to find any commonalities.
King and Miller walked in. Taking a seat Miller said "I got a description of Marie." Vincent jumped up saying "Well". Vincent motioned for Miller to continue. "Seems her neighbor wanted to sleep with her. She wouldn't give him the time of day. So, it may have pissed him off. He told me she's 5'3". Brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Said she's got perfect curves."
Vincent told one of the agents to look into it. Then King said "She owned two cars. A Blue Honda Civic and a non descript black van. I also found out that she took a trip from Indiana to Iowa two days before Lisa Loughty died. I spoke to the new manager at the restaurant. He said she requested time off for a death in the family."
Everyone in the room was shocked. Would she really murder her mother? they wondered. Vincent said "Call Iowa, I want the case file asap."

June 26, 2020

Jenny had been keeping tabs on the task force. She had to upgrade the spyware but it was worth it. She found out they were finally doing their homework. They had gotten a hold of quite a bit of information. She might just have wiped their systems. If it weren't for the fact that she was still ahead of them.
They may have her year book photo. Along with a random, could be anybody, description. Jenny had already changed her appearance the minute she arrived in Texas. Hell, she hadn't even left the airport yet.
Jenny also went through everything. Erasing a few shipments from their database. Still she knew some how they would eventually catch up to her. That didn't mean she was going to make it easy.

June 26, 2020
Cross Plains, TX.

"Okay, so here's what we have." Vincent began. They had received the file on Lisa Loughty's death. He continued "The fire began in the kitchen. Police believe that Lisa was trying to cook. While she was drunk. Their was no one else in the house. Neighbors told police that she was an alcoholic. Constantly starting arguments with her neighbors. There's no mention of anyone visiting or being there before the fire."
He had just finished speaking when one of the agents asked "What about the fire Marshall's report?" Vincent explained "He determined it an accident. Apparently, a dish towel with liquor on it. Was left on the gas stove. While it was on. They assumed that she cleaned up a spill. Then used the towel to wipe the stove. Near a burner that was turned on. Tissue samples showed that her blood alcohol level was .32. Which is almost lethal."
Miller commented "Well, that would definitely look like an accident. She had to be passed out. I mean by the time the fire started."

June 27, 2020
Cisco, TX.

Jenny had managed to get off work early. It was slow and she didn't need the money. Which was good because she had a date with a garbage collector.
It was just past six pm. He would just be getting home. Jenny was waiting in the alley behind his house. She knew he would have to use the alley to get to his garage. This would be easy, she hoped. She lifted the hood of her van as she waited.
Ten minutes later he pulled into the alley. As his car grew closer. She poked her head around the hood. Pretending to be upset. She had added a temporary florist sign to the side of the van.
He saw the cute little lady. Looking both frustrated and angry. He stopped his car. Climbing out he asked "You need some help darlin'?" Jenny gave him her sweet southern accent. As she said "Yeah, please. I don't know what to do with this ol' thing. It's such a hunk uh junk."
The man gave her a smile saying "Here I'll see what I can do. Can't have a pretty lady like yourself stranded." Jenny put on a fake smile, mentally rolled her eyes, and stepped back. Pulling the syringe from her sleeve into her hand. She stuck him right in the ass. As he bent over the hood.
When his head hit the motor. Jenny dragged him to the van door shoving him in. Then climbed behind the steering wheel and drove away.
Two hours later Derrick woke up. He felt like his head was going to split in half. He couldn't see anything. His eye sight was too blurry. Then he heard a mechanical voice say "Derrick Samuel Lawson you are a Monster. I kill Monsters."
That was the moment he realized he was screwed. He tried to scream. Crying like a baby he tried to move. It was all useless. He had been gagged immediately after Jenny severed the nerve in his spine.
Ignoring all of it she picked up the scalpel and suture kit. Then began removing his genitals. Once that was done. She placed them on the table. Moving to his chest she started a y incision. When she had him opened up. Jenny began removing his liver with a cauterizing tool. Then she moved on to his spleen. After also removing his gallbladder. Removing his intestines gave her access to his kidneys and stomach.
Once she had his kidneys out. She opened his stomach. Placing his genitals inside before stitching it closed. Derrick had passed out. So, she waited a few minutes before removing his bladder and prostate.
When she had finished she sewed him up. Then poured battery acid on his hands and feet. After that she rolled him over to remove a portion of his spine. Last but not least. She gave him a shot of succinylcholine. Within five minutes he was dead. Jenny went about her clean up procedures. As if nothing mattered more.

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