Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 28, 2020
Cisco, TX.

The team was standing in a wooded area just outside of Cisco. This made fourteen bodies total. Six in Texas alone. This time, like many others there was a need for cadaver dogs.
Miller removed the envelope from the body. Reading the letter out loud.
Hello, this is Derrick Samuel Lawson. He has raped and murdered twenty women. Their remains are all in these woods.
You're Welcome

Vincent shook his head sighing as he asked "How do we get ahead of this. I'm tired of always being behind this killer. We need something." Miller agreed saying "I know man."
They wrapped up at the crime scene. Finding remains for all twenty women. At least they hoped that they had found them all. A few of them decided to get lunch before going back to Cross Plains.
One of the Sheriff's deputies recommended Slowpoke's. So they headed there. They noticed it wasn't a big place but there was seating.
As they sat down a black haired beauty with green eyes walked up. "Hello, my name is Jenny. What would you like to drink." She sounded as if she was from the west coast. Miller asked "You aren't from around here are you?" Jenny smiled, inwardly excited, as she said "No sorry. I'm from California. I just got tired of the city life. Ya know."
Jenny took their orders. Joking around with them as they ate their lunch. She even gave them some information about California. They were in the restaurant for a full fourty five minutes. Never suspecting a thing. 'Stupid Bastards! That's why I'm so busy' she thought. They even tipped her fifteen dollars. Jenny laughed at that.

June 30, 2020
Morton Valley, TX.

Jenny didn't know how long it would be before she was caught. She had to get her list cleared soon. She needed to get to Montana.
She spent the past two days rearranging everything. Even requested time off work. Luckily she had been there for over a year. That gave her vacation time. The only issue was she would be taking a risk by moving up her time line.
If she hadn't lost the bracelet her baby brother gave her. This wouldn't be a problem. Jenny couldn't risk the task force having it. That would give them D.N.A.. she'd really be Fucked then.
No she had to hurry. That meant moving Lawrence up the list. He made his money through selling people. Usually children but sometimes teens. Worthless sick fuck. He was the worst on the list. He had to go today.
Jenny parked at the side of the warehouse. She had to be especially careful with this one. Since she could end up for sale. After pulling out her phone she called Lawrence. He answered "Hello" 'Polite for a sorry piece of shit.' Jenny thought. "Yes I was told you were holding modeling shoots. There's no one here though. I really don't want to stay. I'm only fifteen my dad'll kill me." Jenny said. Lawrence sounded giddy when he responded "How'd you get there hun?" Jenny pretended she was going to cry before saying "I took a cab. Look I should probably go. My parents'll kill me if I'm late." "No, you should stay there. I'll come right over right now and give you a ride home." he offered casually. As if he were actually concerned. So she replied "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to put you out." He sounded so nice when he said "Yeah, I'm sure. I'd be worried sick if you were my daughter." She told him okay promising to wait for him. She had already moved near the side door. He would have to use it to avoid being seen. He had a reputation to protect.
As soon as the door closed behind him and he stepped down. She jabbed the needle straight into the back of his neck. So that the tranquilizer would go straight to his brain. He didn't even have time to turn around. He simply dropped like a rock.

## Extremely Graphic Content ##

It took Two hours fourty five minutes for Lawrence to wake up. Jenny had already severed the nerve in his spine. She had also blindfolded him. Then placed a spiked iron gag in his mouth with a leather strap holding it in place.
He woke to a massive headache. As well as hearing what sounded like a machine saying "You, Lawrence Jackson Meyers are the Devil. Hell awaits your arrival." He tried to scream. The gag cut the sides of his mouth as he did.
Jenny moved to the end of the table. Pouring battery acid on his dick and balls. Then she moved to his chest. Picking up the scalpel she made a y incision. All the way down to his groin. Then she shaved his head. Burned his ears to almost nothing. He passed out so she gave him a shot of adrenaline. Then carved TRAFFICKER across his head. Making sure to dig into his skull.
After that she started his autopsy. By removing his liver. His intestines were next. Followed by his kidneys, spleen, gallbladder, bladder, and prostate. Rather than using a bio hazard bag. She placed them in a barrel. Which she had started a fire in. That way he could smell his organs burning.
Every time he passed out she gave him a shock of electricity or a shot of adrenaline. She left him open. While she rolled him over. Cutting the top and bottom of his back open horizontally. Then removed the lower portion of his spine.
Once that was done Jenny rolled him back over. So that she could pour battery acid into his body. Before closing him up. Then she took a hunting knife from the table. Jamming it into his ass, blade first, completely.
After he was dead she used a sledgehammer to shatter his face. When that was finished. She amputated his arms and legs. Along with separating his torso from his hips. Then his head from his shoulders. She would put him back together like a puzzle piece scarecrow.

July 1, 2020
Morton Valley, TX.

Fifteen bodies in four states. This was the most grusomme of them all. They had finally committed. To the fact that the killer was Justice Loughty. She especially hated this one. There was nothing more obvious on this earth.
It was so bad that there were Agents and Rangers leaving the area to vomit. Not even Agent Vincent could look at it. Once again Miller removed the envelope. Opening the letter he read it aloud.

Hello, this is Lawrence Jackson Meyers.
He is responsible for the rapes and sales
of 67 girls and 30 boys. Of varying ages.
Those were just the ones I could find.


"Mother Fucking Bastard!" King exclaimed. He walked away without another word. King was done.
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