Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Trilogy

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June 5, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Quin woke up with a major headache, he was also very groggy. As his head cleared he realized he was strapped to either a board or a table. 'What the fuck happened?' Quin thought. He remembered that he was following that sweet piece of ass, Ashley. He was going to have fun with her.
Now he was here, cuffed naked to some form of a table. "How had that happened?" he asked himself. Suddenly he heard a voice say "You Quinton Bradley Harlow are a monster, I kill monsters." The voice sounded like a machine.
That's when a person in a hazmat suit walked up to him. Quin wanted to say something but there was something shoved in his mouth. Covered by a thick layer of duct tape, he tried to struggle quickly realizing it was useless. His ankles were trapped beneath iron cuffs, as were his knees, same with his wrists and elbows. "Hazmat" began setting up another table next to Quin. Then adjusted the table, so that Quin was in a standing position. Hazmat went to the back of the table to remove a lower panel.
Quin's breathing became ragged when he heard the sound of metal clinking. Suddenly he screamed as a piece of metal pipe, was shoved up his ass. He was no longer able to think. Hazmat walked back around to the front of the table. Then reached over grabbing a scalpel and started removing his dick.
Quin had tears streaming down his face. The sound of muffled screams was all that was heard. As Hazmat cut around his penis, making sure to include his testicles. Once that was done Hazmat picked up a cauterizing tool using it to stop the bleeding. Before walking back around the table. Hazmat forced Quin's dismembered dick through the pipe into his ass. His testicles were sitting on a towel next to him. Next Hazmat walked over to the table picking up the scalpel again, using it to slowly remove his eyelids. Once that was finished Hazmat picked up a surgical saw and began removing Quin's hands. That's when the screams stopped because Quin passed out.
The killer was smiling behind the mask while cauterizing the nubs. Then reached up removing the tape and gag from his mouth. So that Quin's testicles could be shoved down his own throat before replacing the gag. The next part was a fan favorite for the killer. After using smelling salt, which caused Quin to regain consciousness. Hazmat began skinning him, for no other reason than the pain it inflicted. Quin lost consciousness again halfway through, which was fine because the killer would have to flip him soon. After Quin had been completely skinned, his unconscious body was pulled from the table. He was then dragged to a set of chains over a bathtub to be bled out, once his throat was cut. When he was dead the killer stitched the wounds, covering the body with salt and honey.
It would attract insects, helping to destroy evidence. Not that there would be any but, you could never be too careful.

June 6, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Luca was singing along with the radio on his way to work. It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was high in the sky. He was passing Atkinson park when he noticed what looked like a dummy. It was hanging upside down from a tree. He decided to park, to check it out. As he made his way toward the tree. Luca quickly realized it was not a dummy. It was a human body. He immediately pulled out his cell phone dialing nine-one-one. As soon as the dispatcher answered he said "My name is Luca Morrow. I am at Atkinson Park. There is a dead body hanging from a tree." The dispatcher asked for the exact location. To which Luca responded, "Just take Atkinson Park road toward the hospital, I'll be here." Then he hung up as he turned away from the body trying not to throw up.
Thirty minutes later the park was swarming with police. Who had already taped off the area? The coroner had been called. News vans were beginning to arrive. A police officer was questioning Luca. While Detective Watkins was with the coroner looking at the body. "This took some serious hate," Watkins said.
The coroner looked at him saying "Yeah, I would say so." Watkins asked, "What have you found so far?" She told him, "Well the obvious is that he was tortured for quite a while. His hands were amputated, his genitals were removed and, he was skinned. There's also a sticky, grainy substance covering the body. My guess is it's a combination of honey and something else. Just from the smell, along with all of the insects." "fuck!" Watkins mumbled. Then he said, "I'll check back with you later. I need to talk to the guy who found the body." "Okay," she said going back to work. Watkins walked over to Luca introducing himself before, asking how he found the body. Luca sighed repeating what he told the officer. "I'm a nurse at the hospital right up the road. I was driving past and saw what looked like a dummy. I parked to take a closer look. Then called nine-one-one. I didn't touch anything and no one else was around." Watkins took his information down, gave him a card and, thanked him for his time.
Luca had already called the hospital, they gave him the day off. So, he climbed back into his car. This is not how he saw his day going. He had planned on trying to get a date with Trisha, the redhead, in radiology. Now he just wanted to go home so he could hopefully focus on something else.

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