Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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July 1, 2020
Cross Plains, TX.

It was five o'clock when the team returned from Morton Valley. They had no sooner walked through the door. When King walked in saying "I can't do this anymore. I'm leaving." No one was surprised. King had made it clear that he agreed with the killer. He probably should have left sooner. Vincent simply said "Okay" King turned around, walking away.
Fifteen minutes later an Agent walked in holding a message for Vincent. He read the message then asked the agent "Is the guy still at the storage place?" The agent told him the guy was waiting for them.
Vincent grabbed Miller saying "Come on we're going to Cisco. They left immediately.

July 1, 2020
Abilene, TX.

Jenny was on her way to pick up a daycare worker. The woman would be the last on her list before heading to Montana. She had already picked everything up from her storage unit. All she needed was to take care of, Evelyn, well Margaret actually.
She pulled into the alley behind * Little Haven's child care. It wasn't a large place but they cared for a lot of children. Which Margret loved. She had spent ten years in prison for sexually abusing three children.
Margret didn't stop there, though. When she was released she moved to Texas. Changed her name. Then found a job. Her victim count was twenty five. Twenty five children who's lives were destroyed.
Jenny walked in to the building with sunglasses and a red wig on. She made sure to avoid the camera at the front door. She smiled at a few children playing in a make shift playroom. As she made her way to the small office in the back.
Margret saw her coming. She stood up with a smile on her face. Jenny smiled back knowing that the children wouldn't see her. Jenny grabbed Margert by the arm injecting her with the tranquilizer.
After a few seconds Margret collapsed. Jenny then dragged her through the back door to the U-haul. Once she threw Margret in the back. She drove away.

July 1, 2020
Cisco, TX.

Agent Vincent and Ranger Miller reached The Storage Shed on east sixth Street. An older man. Wearing a gray t-shirt and old blue jeans. Sporting a healthy beer belly. Walked over introducing himself "Name's Tony Randolph." Vincent and Miller introduced themselves. Then Vincent said "We received your message." asking "What do you have for us?"
Tony started talking "She came in just after lunch with a U-haul. Said she was moving to Montana. That she had to visit her aunt in Abilene first." Miller smiled "Don't suppose you have cameras?" he asked. Tony smiled wider nodding his head. As he said "Sure do, they're well hidden too. I don't trust no one. Don't tell no one either." Then he asked "Do you want to see them?"
Miller said "Yeah we do." Like children being asked if they want to go to the fair. They walked to the office. Tony pulled up the video. They had Justice's face. It was right there clear as day.
Vincent looked at Miller smiling. Then Miller asked "You wouldn't happen to have a license plate?" Tony nodded handing them a copy of the contract. He said "I figured when she loaded up all that medical gear. I ought to call you guys. I watch the news. Can't say I don't agree with what she's doin'. I just don't want to end up in jail." Vincent was surprised he pulled his phone out calling the crime techs.
Then he said "There are going to be some people coming to look at the storage locker." Tony nodded his understanding. Miller was on his phone getting an APB put out on the U-haul and the black van.
They called in some reinforcements. Once they got there. Vincent and Miller headed straight for Abilene. When they had driven away from the storage unit. Vincent asked "You know who she is don't you?" "Yeah the server from the restaurant the other day." They rode in silence the rest of the way.
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