Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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July 2, 2020
Abilene, TX.

Justice had just finished up with Margret. It was a little after midnight. She was on her way to set up Margret's body. When she noticed a police car behind her.
She wasn't overly concerned. She was doing the speed limit. Wearing her seat belt. Justice saw nothing to worry about.
Then the officer turned on the lights. 'Fuck' she thought. Still trying to convince herself that everything was alright. She found a safe spot to pull over. Then turned off the truck.
Justice looked into the side mirror. The officer was moving slowly with his gun drawn. 'Well Fuck!' she thought. She wasn't surprised just irritated. She almost made it out of Texas. Well at least she was able to complete this list.
The officer stood a few feet from the driver's side door. Gun drawn, ordering her to get out of the vehicle. With her hand where he could see them.
Justice did as he asked. Complying with every order. Once she was out of the truck. She got down on her knees. Facing the truck she placed her hands behind her head.
The officer stepped toward her. Placing handcuffs on her. Before checking her pockets. He helped Justice to her feet. Walking her to his car. While reading her her Miranda rights.
As they reached the police car. Justice informed him "There is a body in the back of the U-haul. I want to speak to F.B.I Agent Brandon King."
The officer put her into the back of his police cruiser. Then got on his radio saying "This is officer Ryan Stanley. Badge number 872. I have the suspect in custody. There is a body in the back of the U-haul.
The dispatcher responded "Your back up is two minutes out, hold tight." The officer stood outside the cruiser until his back up arrived.

July 2, 2020
Abilene, TX.

Vincent and Miller had arrived in Abilene hours ago. They were just waiting on news at the main police department. When a dispatcher contacted them saying that a black van with matching license plate was located. It was on a trailer attached to a U-haul. The officer was requesting back up.
They immediately jumped to their feet running for the door. They were in the car headed toward the scene. Half of the Abilene police force behind them. Two minutes away the dispatcher called back saying that she was in custody but there was a body in the truck.
When they reached the scene. The officer walked over to them saying "I am officer Stanley. She's in my car. Strangest thing she didn't put up a fight. Just told me about the body. Then demanded to speak to Agent Brandon King. Said she won't talk to anyone else." Vincent and Miller simply nodded.
They walked over to the U-haul. After putting gloves on. When they walked past the cruiser. Justice smiled at them, nodding her head as if to say "What's up."
They opened the back of the U-haul finding a mangled woman in the back.

July 3, 2020
Abilene, TX.

Agent King showed up at the main headquarters of the Abilene Police Department. He was curious as to why she would ask for him. As far as he could remember they had never met.
He waited in the interview room as they went to get her. As she walked into the room lead by a gaurd. Brandon looked over at her. 'No Fucking Way' he thought. She smiled at him as he tried to maintain a straight face.
He would know her anywhere. He had seen every part of her after all.

June 28, 2019
Mount Vernon, IL.

Justice had stopped in Mount Vernon. She was checking out a lead on a possible candidate for her list. It was a little after nine pm. When she realized she was wasting her time.
She decided to stop at a local bar for a drink. Justice had been so busy recently. That she hadn't had time for herself. As she ordered a bourbon and coke. A man walked over, sitting down next to her.
He never asked her name. When he fell asleep later that night, though. She checked his wallet before leaving
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