Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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July 3, 2020
Abilene, TX.

When the guard left the room. Justice knew they still weren't alone. There was a camera in the corner recording. That mirror of course was a two way. Meaning anyone could be listening.
King hadn't even asked a question before she started talking. "Hey there Tiger. You know I saw your file. When I hacked the F.B.I database. It's a shame we couldn't have met under different circumstances." she said in a seductive voice. King was so glad his back was to the mirror. He asked "Why did you insist on speaking to me?" He knew the answer. He just wanted to hear her say it.
She responded "Well you are extremely nice to look at." Continuing with the seductive tone. That was not what he expected. He was about to ask her another question. When she asked "You want to play my priest?" adding "It'll be fun cause you know I'm a sinner. You could take my confession." King swallowed. She knew exactly how to Fuck with a man's head. It was so much fun.
Quickly regaining his senses. He responded "I'll take your confession. I won't play a priest." "Ah, you're no fun. " she told him. Then she huffed saying "Alright, I'll start at the beginning." Then asked "Hey, Agent Vincent are you recording this?"
Vincent pushed the intercom button saying "Yes, ma'am I am." Justice scowled at the mirror. Stating "I am twenty three years old. I am not a ma'am." Then she looked back at King smiling. "Now Brandon, may I call you Brandon?" she asked. He told her it was okay. So she continued.
Beginning with "When I was twelve my baby brother was brutally sodomized repeatedly. By a man named Victor Fucking Richardson. That sick fuck even carved designs into his skin. So, since the police were too stupid to stop him. I did. I found out he was in Kentucky."
"I figured if I was going to take him out. I might as well help the police out and take out some others. Then while I was doing my research. I found out about Detective Watkins. You all should stop protecting the bad apples. They spoil the whole bunch."
"Any ways, I compiled a list. Came up with a plan. After my father killed himself. I inherited a shit load of money from my grandparents. They never trusted my mom. She was a drinker. I helped her out though. She is in a better place now. Maybe even spending time with Danny."
"So, I picked up Victor outside a families home. He was stalking their six year old son Tommy. I tortured him for nearly ten hours. He fucking deserved it. Then I filled a bath tub with hydrofluoric acid. I left him there until there was nothing left." Justice suddenly stopped talking. She was hungry.
King asked why she stopped so she told him. They ordered her something to eat. Sitting quietly while she did. She ate slowly. Making sure to enjoy her meal. Who knew when she would get another decent one.
As soon as she was finished. Justice continued "Once I was finished I cleaned every thing up. Then I just hung out for a year. I needed to set up in Henderson. Don't get me wrong. I kept track of everyone on my list. If they farted the wrong way I knew it."
"Then exactly one year later I took care of Quinton Harlow. He was in the process of stalking a girl named Ashley Franklin. I grabbed him from the side of an alley. You all saw what I did to him. Then of course Wanda Ford. Christian Rodgers, That Fucker. He had a fifteen year old girl tied up in the back of his cab. The poor thing was absolutely terrified when I let her go. After that was...." King interrupted her asking "What do you mean you let her go?" Justice got pissy "Rude ass mother fucker. Don't interrupt me." she said. After taking a deep breath she answered his question "I mean, I untied her. Checked on her injuries and let her call a cab home. I paid for it and everything. I'm not a Monster. You can check it out if you want. Her name is Isabella Ramirez. She lived at *1728 Palmire drive. I don't know if it's an apartment or a house."
Vincent, Miller and a few others. Had been listening the whole time. Vincent was suspicious. Something wasn't right. Why was she giving them everything so easily? he wondered. As if he read Vincent's mind King asked "Why are you telling me all this?" Then added "We always have to work for the details."
Justice sighed "Well I'm not everyone else." asking "Can I finish?" King nodded so she continued "Lord, this is already going to take two days. There is a lot you all don't know. Anyway, after that bastard Christian."
"I over heard my manager Cat arguing with a guy in her office. I really wasn't expecting that one. She apparently raped him, along with, at least two others. He threatened to go to the police. That Bitch laughed at him. So I waited for him to leave. I couldn't very well kill her like I did all the others. I had to make it look like she was raped and murdered. That was the hardest one."
"Then I had to pretend I found her." she laughed saying "Fucking Watkins, he couldn't have found his way out of a wet paper bag. After that I took care of Doctor Ryan. That fucktard asked and I quote "How may I help you m'lady?" like he was Casanova or some shit. Then his retarded ass followed me to the first floor. Actually that was a good thing. I really didn't want to have to drag his ass down the stairs."
"Unfortunately, the woman you found next to him was already dead. Before he left her house. I hated that shit. I had to wait though. Now Christopher Beck. He was another one that pissed me off. He picked up little David from the school playground. That boy's parents work their ass' off. I should have taken care of the babysitter too. Bitch, she didn't give a shit about that boy. I knew it was a big risk but I made sure he made it home safe."

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