Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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Bonus Chapter

The Death of Victor Richardson.

June 5, 2018
Louisville, Kentucky

Justice had been waiting years for this day. Nothing would stop her from getting the Piece Of Fucking Shit who murdered her brother. He would suffer beyond words for what he did.
She had been following him for days as he followed another little boy. He was standing across the street from the boy's house. Not even aware of her presence. He was just off the road hidden by some trees. See little Tommy lived near the woods.
Justice walked up behind him as silently as possible. He heard her though not that it helped. She was already close enough to stab him with the needle. Having done years of research she had planned everything out. Nothing would be left to chance.
Dragging his unconscious body to her van she was already trying to figure out the fastest route through traffic. So she could get started as quickly as possible. She had waited almost a decade for this day she wouldn't wait any longer.

Victor woke up on a bed. He tried to sit up but realized he was tied to the bed tightly. His head hurt and he was extremely groggy. He was gagged and completely naked. Lying on his stomach.
Then he heard a female voice from the doorway of the room. "Hey, Shit head you're finally awake. I might need to lower the dosage next time." she said as she made her way to the bed. That's when he realized there was a table next to him with various medical tools on it.
The lights were turned on so he could see her. "Do you remember me?" she asked him as she reached the side of the bed. She seemed familiar but he couldn't really place where he knew her from. So he shook his head 'no'
Justice responded saying "Well it has been almost ten years and you do prefer little boys." Continuing she explained "My name is Justice Loughty. You raped, tortured and, killed my baby brother Danny. You are the devil You belong in hell so I'm going to send you there but first..." She trailed off as she picked up a metal pipe. Victor began to struggle as she shoved it into his ass. Once that was done she took a blow torch and welded it to his rectom.
After that she had to give him a shot of adrenaline because he had passed out. When he was alert she picked up a scalpel and, began carving random designs into his skin. That was boring which she told him saying "Why do you carve things into their skin. This is boring as fuck. Let's have some fun shall we." That's when she began dissecting his dick and balls. He passed out again so she gave him an electric shock. Before she slathered his dick in lubricant then shoved it up the pipe.
She took a short break after burning the soles of his feet and the palms of his hands. Needing to fill the bathtub up with hydrofluoric acid. Plus she was hungry. She hadn't eaten well in the past week. Too busy getting things ready. Thankfully this was a large city. So no one really paid attention to anyone. Especially someone they didn't know. That was probably why Victor chose Louisville.

After about an hour she returned to the room. Victor had fallen.asleep so she punched him hard in the chest to wake him. He woke with a splutter which was muffled by the gag. She had pureed his testicles. Placing them in a bowl which she was holding. "Are you fucking hungry?" she asked adding "We're going to be here awhile." He looked shocked by her question but nodded his head yes anyway.
She removed the gag telling him "You can scream for help if you want. We're too far out for anyone to hear. I just don't need to lose my hearing listening to your constant screams." She set the gag on the table before picking up the bowl. As she did that Victor begged for his freedom. Swearing he was sorry and he would never hurt another boy again. Justice shook her head laughing as she spoon fed him his own balls.
Of course Victor was to busy begging too pay attention to the taste of what he was eating.
When he had eaten every bite. She replaced the gag and got back to torturing him.
Justice picked up the scalpel and suture kit deciding to remove his eyes and then stitch them shut. Then she began.peeling the skin away from his fingers and toes. Having fun now she decided to skin his entire body. Repeatedly giving him just enough adrenaline to keep him conscious. Alternating between that and mild electric shock.
Once he was completely skinned she began dismembering him. To her surprise he was still alive. Not by much but still.

As she lowered his body parts into the tub to soak. Justice reviewed what she had done in her head. Deciding what worked and what didn't. As he was soaking she made a list of do's and don'ts. Already having a list of other people who needed taking care.
The man main one being a homicide detective in Henderson, Kentucky. She would have to work in multiple states which would get the F.B.I. involved. This was too important for her to worry about that though.
When all traces of Victor were gone she drained the bathtub using specialized gloves. This would not be something she could do again sadly. The acid was too expensive. Plus they could track the sales.
Justice rinsed out the bathtub then turned the power to the old house off. Locking the doors as she left.

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