Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 9, 2019
Bedford, IN.

Wanda was strapped down on a table. Her arms and legs spread. She opened her eyes to the sound of a mechanical voice. "Wanda Diane Ford you are a predator. I end predators."
Wanda tried to struggle against the restraints. It was useless. She noticed another table with various tools on it. Wanda began crying because she knew what was coming. She wanted to beg for mercy. The gag in her mouth wouldn't let her though.
Suddenly what she assumed was a man in a hazmat suit appeared next to her. She screamed as her fingers were being cut with a scalpel. Then removed completely with a surgical saw causing Wanda to pass out.
The killer then began to remove Wanda's eyelids with the same scalpel. Then setting the scalpel down the killer removed the gag from her mouth. Picking up what was needed. The killer began stitching Wanda's mouth closed. Before moving to the foot of the table to stitch her vagina closed.
After that the killer woke Wanda up with smelling salt. Then began removing her skin. Just like last time the killer then drag Wanda to a bath tub. Chaining her ankles the killer slit her wrists and throat before hanging her upside down.

June 10, 2019
Bedford, IN.

Hannah Jacobs was walking to Oakland City University from the parking lot. When she noticed what looked like a body out of the corner of her eye. It was nailed to a light pole just outside the arts building.
She immediately called nine-one-one. Informing them of her discovery. Then she ran into the main building. She went to the deans office to report that. "I need to speak to the dean. There is a body nailed to the electric pole outside the Arts building. I've already called nine-one-one. The secretary immediately jump from her seat to inform the dean.
Police arrived shortly after. Taping off the area. While trying to keep students and the press back. Officers were questioning Hannah and the Dean of Students. As Detective Bryant spoke with the M.E..
"So what do we have?" Bryant asked. "Well, it's a woman. Her vagina was sewn shut, her mouth too. She was skinned. It looks like she was tortured for a while. Oh, and she's covered in something sticky." He answered. Bryant frowned saying "Ok, I'll check back with you later. I'll get some officers to help search for evidence."
He walked away too talk to the witnesses.
"Hello, my name is Detective Chance Bryant. I need to ask you some questions." he told Hannah. Hannah was visibly shaken as she responded "Ok, my name's Hannah Jacobs." They spoke for around twenty minutes. With her telling him how she found the body. Then what happened after. Ending with "I saw some other students heading toward the main building. I didn't see anyone around the Arts building though."
Bryant Thanked her handing her his card. Then went to speak to the dean. Who didn't know anything. The whole thing seemed odd to Bryant.
Why would someone leave the body this way? At a University of all place. Also how had no one else noticed it before Hannah. He wondered as he headed to his car.
Hannah decided to take a sick day. She climbed back in her car. Needing to see her mother she called. Before driving straight there.
Bryant went back to the department. He needed to figure this out. He put the details into the computer. Waiting to find a match. He knew there was no way this was a first time thing nor could it be a one time thing.

June 12, 2019

Detective Watkins was at the M.E.'s office. "So what do you have Brenda?" he asked. She looked over her results before reporting "Ok, so this is seriously messed up. His eyelids were removed. The sticky substance is honey. The grainy stuff is salt. I found his genitals. His testicles were in his throat. His penis was in his rectum. The killer used exsanguination to kill him. That was after everything else." Watkins shook his head "You mean he was skinned alive." Then he asked "How did his dick end up in his ass?" Brenda said "Yes, and there was lubricate on his penis. Oh yeah, there was also a serious sedative in his system. Midazolam to be precise. It's also called Versed. It is used preoperatively to relax a patient. In this amount though. I can honestly say he was out for a while."
"Wow, so the killer was serious. Do you have an I.D.?" Watkins asked. She responded "Yes, Quinton Harlow." Watkins thanked her and left to find out everything he could about Quinton Harlow.
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