Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 14, 2019

Christian was on his way to Mount Vernon, IL. He needed a bathroom break so he stopped in Fairfield. Not noticing the van following him. The van would have been easy to spot if he weren't distracted.
There was a "lot lizard" making a ruckus behind his seat. 'What's her problem?' he thought. It wasn't like he was planning to keep her. She'd be dead before they reached Mount Vernon. Where he would dump her body. Then park for the night for some much needed sleep.
Christian gave the girl a swift kick to the head before climbing out of his truck. He calmly walked into the Mach One gas station.
As he was walking back toward his truck he had the feeling he was being watched. Before he could even get the door of his truck open. There was a sharp sting in the back of his neck. He dropped like a rock.
The killer had parked next to his truck. Dragging him to the open van. The killer then went back to his truck to release the girl. Who couldn't have been more than fifteen. Christian had been given a double dose of Midazolam. In order to keep him out.
Once the girl was free the killer drove away with Christian Michael Rodgers.

June 15, 2019
Mount Vernon,IL.

Detective Travis Lawrence was standing behind the Pilot Travel Center. He was staring at the body tied to a tree. In the back right corner of the parking lot.
The body had been discovered by another truck driver who was walking his dog. Larry Frank Wilson had just woken up. His dog was going crazy so he took her to use the bathroom. She instantly ran across the parking lot to where the body was. Larry called nine-one-one. Then went into the truck stop to inform someone.
The M.E. showed up while Detective Lawrence was putting gloves on. "Hey Lawrence. What have you got for me?" The M.E. asked. Detective Lawrence replied "I was hoping you could tell me Jared. This is some crazy shit."
Jared looked at the body and frowned. "Yeah looks like it." he said. Christian was tied to the tree in a standing position. His throat was slit. His genitals were missing. He had no hands or feet. Then there was the fact that his skin had been burned off.
Christian had also been covered with salt and honey.
June 16,2019

Detective Watkins was about to leave. He had to interview people about Quinton Harlow. Watkins had already found out Quinton had a record. Five counts of rape which he served fifteen years of a twenty year sentence. He was also a suspect in ten recent rapes. The problem was none of the victims could identify their attacker.
Watkins picked up his keys when his phone rang. He answered "Detective Drake Watkins." The caller responded "Hello, this is Detective Chance Bryant from Bedford Indiana. I have a murder victim here. That is similar to one you have. The only difference is it's a woman."
Watkins mumbled "fuck" because he knew that if another one showed up. It meant they were dealing with a serial killer. Then Watkins asked "Will you send me the file?" "Will you send me your's?" Bryant asked. "I can do that I guess." Watkins said.
They exchanged information and hung up.
June 17, 2019
Mount Vernon,IL.

Detective Travis Lawrence found two similar cases. In two surrounding states. After contacting the lead detectives who had no suspects and no evidence. He decided to call in the F.B.I. This wasn't good.
June 18, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Watkins was returning from lunch. When he saw a woman standing by his desk. "How can I help you?" he asked. She looked him over. Almost like she was sizing him up. Then responded "I'm Agent Valerie Trent. I am with the F.B.I.'s serial killer division. We already have Agents in Indiana and Illinois." She had shoulder length brown hair. Tall for a woman a little heavy even for her height.
"I'm Detective Drake Watkins. This is my case." Drake said with an air of irritation. She simply smiled saying "Not anymore. We already have permission to take it. Not that it's needed. There are three cases in three states. Two of the victims are sex offenders. We suspect the third is as well. She just wasn't caught. It's our case now." "So what do you want from me?" Drake asked. "The file would be nice.It isn't in the file room. So I know you have it." she replied.
Watkins glared at her as he grabbed the file from his desk. "Thank you." she said with a smile.
June 18, 2019
Bedford, IN.

Detective Bryant came back to the station after interviewing co-workers. To find an F.B.I. agent sitting at his desk. "Alright, I know you' re F.B.I." he said before asking "What's your name and why are you here?" The agent replied "I'm Agent Robert Vincent. With the Serial killer division. We have three cases in three states. So we're taking them. Just wanted to let you know." He was an older man with a slightly southern accent.
Bryant wasn't happy but knew arguing wouldn't do any good. So he just nodded before asking the agent to let him have his desk back. Agent Vincent stood up walking away. Bryant picked up another case file and went back to work.
June 18, 2019
Mount Vernon,IL.

Detective Lawrence was sitting at his desk when an F.B.I. agent walked in. He immediately stood up. The agent walked over saying "Hello, I'm guessing you're Detective Lawrence." He was tall with blonde hair. He had the look of a male model.
Detective Lawrence responded "Yes, I called because I found two other cases. The victims seem to be sex offenders. Mine served time for sexually assaulting three teenage girls in his home state of Montana. The one in Kentucky served time for rape. The one in Indiana didn't have a criminal record but it doesn't mean she's innocent."
"Well I am Agent Brandon King. With the Serial killer division. We'll be taking these cases. There are already agents in the other two states. We'll have more agents coming." They spoke for a little longer then King and Lawrence moved to a conference room.

June 18, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Hometown Roots was a small restaurant. Marie Smith had worked there for the past ten months. Since moving from Iowa. Marie was getting ready for closing when she heard an argument coming from the manager's office.
Catherine, the manager was a good person. At least that's what Marie thought.
She stood just out of sight as Catherine said "Oh, you know you enjoyed it." Then a male voice said "I told you no. I told you to stop. I know there were others. At least two others. I'm filing charges." To which Cathrine said "No you won't. Who's going to believe I raped you or any other man for that matter."
Marie was shocked. She had never expected this. Shocking Marie wasn't an easy task. She was a genius, literally. Which is what made her so good at what she did. Catherine just made her list.
Marie went back into the dining room to wait for the guy to leave. 'No time like the present' Marie thought to herself.
Five minutes later the guy was gone. Catherine walked into the dining room asking with a smile on her face."Hey Marie are you almost ready?" Marie smiled back saying "Yeah Cat, just give me a minute."
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