Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 18, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Catherine nodded walking back to the kitchen. Marie followed her silently opening the swinging door.
With Catherine's back to her. She grabbed an iron skillet off the rack. Hitting Catherine hard over the head. She then dragged her to a prep table at the back of the kitchen. She hadn't planned on killing her manager. Which is why she brought her car. Rather than her van.
Marie then got a roll of duct tape and a cleaning rag from the supply closet. As she restrained and gagged Catherine. She thought about how she was going to kill her. She couldn't very well do it the way she normally did. That could get her caught. She couldn't let that happen. She still had three other people on her list.
After coming up with a plan. Marie walked around the restaurant collecting items she would need. Than she began.
She tore Cathrine's shirt open. Removed her pants. Marie took a serving spoon with a thick handle. Shoving it into Cathrine's vagina. Then moving it around to make it appear she was raped. She found a condom in Cathrine's desk when she shut down the camera's. That way there would be spermicide in the rape kit. When she finished with her vagina. Marie moved on to her ass.
After that she cut Cathrine in multiple places around her chest and neck. Once that was done she stabbed her in the heart. When she was dead Marie clocked out. Going home for the night.

June 19, 2019

Marie walked into work early the next morning. Wanting to make sure she got there before everyone else. She made sure that she hadn't left any evidence. Then called nine-one-one to report that she had found her manager's body.
Ten minutes later she was putting on the water works for the responding officers. They were asking her questions. To which she was simply repeating "I don't know. She's just dead.". Pretending to be in shock.
The officers were still trying to get details from her. When Detective Watkins walked in. While Marie was putting on an Emmy worthy performance. Detective Watkins came up to her saying "Marie it's okay." as he reached out his hand to rub her shoulder. Marie pulled away yelling "IT'S NOT ALRIGHT. GO LOOK AT WHAT THAT ASSHOLE DID TO HER." she was laughing internally. This idiot couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag.
Watkins asked her "Do you know who did this?" "No, but whoever did is an asshole. She was the sweetest woman I've ever met." Marie responded. He nodded in understanding then walked back to the kitchen too look at the body. The officer who was trying to get answers out of her. Finally gave up and just took her information down so Detective Watkins could interview her later.

June 19, 2019

Agent Robert Vincent was in a conference room at the court house. He had Agents Trent and King on the phone reviewing the cases. "So, we know the victims are sex offenders. I am going to interview people at the school after this. The victim here didn't have a criminal record. There has to be some connection though. This killer is too organized to make an simple mistake." Vincent said.
Trent responded "Yeah I would have to agree. The killer is methodical. I'm thinking someone with an extremely high I.Q." "Why are we even bothering." King asked before adding "This guy is doing the world a favor." Vincent sighed "Brandon we've had this conversation. The victims are sacks of shit but it doesn't give the killer a right to take the law into his own hands."
"I know you're right. It's just easier to declare open season on sex offenders. I mean they're never going to change." King responded. Vincent wanted to agree but he was the lead agent. He simply said "Okay, my victim was a woman. Tell me what you have on your ends."
Trent responded first "A man named Quinton Harlow age thirty five. Served time for five rapes. Suspected of ten others. He was tortured for hours. The M.E's report says his eyelids were removed along with his hands and genitals. The killer shoved his penis up his ass. Then shoved his testicles down his throat. After that he was skinned alive. Manner of death was exsanguination."
"Where exactly was he found?" Vincent asked. Trent replied "Hanging upside down in Atkinson park. Near a hospital of all places." King asked "Has anyone searched the park for other bodies?" "No, why?" Trent asked in return. King responded "It only makes sense. Mine was a truck driver. Found at a truck stop he frequented. There have been several cases of teenage girls found murdered along the near by interstate. Christian Rodgers served time for raping teenage girls." Vincent jumped in "Yeah, mine was a teacher. Found at a college. She taught high school though."
Trent commented "Maybe the killer doesn't want children involved. I just mean they're killing sexual predators. Maybe it's a vigilante type thing. They don't want to hurt the innocent." "I get what you're saying Valerie. Have them search Atkinson park. I'm going to talk to people at the school. We'll talk again tomorrow. If something comes up call me." Vincent told them. They both said okay and hung up.

June 20, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Agent Valerie Trent was at Atkinson park. There were police officers with dogs searching for bodies. They hadn't found anything so far. She walked over to an officer asking "What can you tell me about this park?" The officer looked at her for a moment then said. "Not much. There were a few rapes here back in 2003. The guy was never caught but since then it's been quiet."
Trent suddenly realized what was going on. She asked "How many rapes?" The officer sighed "Six I think. There should still be a file at the main records archive." Trent thanked him. Calling off the search she headed to the archives.

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