Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 21, 2019
Mount Vernon, IL.

Agent Brandon King was waiting on the call from Vincent and Trent in a conference room. When a tech guy walked in. "You asked for this." he said handing King a file. "Thanks" King said. He opened the file and began reading.
He had just set it down when the phone rang. "Hey Robert, Valerie. I just got a file on the Midazolam." "What did you find?" Vincent asked. King pulled a page from the file saying "It appears Jessica Rabbit loves the stuff. There was an excessively large shipment sent to her at a hospital in Henderson."
Trent immediately asked "What hospital?" "Moseley Hospital." King answered. Then he heard her say "Wait a minute." before walking out of the room.
She came back to the phone cursing. "It's not a hospital. It hasn't been for almost one hundred years." Trent said with a slight growl in her voice. "Yep our boy's a genius." Vincent said. Then King asked "How the hell do you get drugs without a license?"
"That's an excellent question. I'll see what I can find out." Vincent said. Then he asked "Trent, what did you find at the park?" Trent let out another frustrated sigh before saying "There were no bodies. There was a string of unsolved rapes in that park. Back in 2003. A year before Harlow went to prison." "Ok, well I spoke to some teachers and a couple of students. They all told me there were rumors that Ms. Ford raped some of her male students. Of course no one ever came forward. No one believed it either. Mainly because she was fifty years old." Vincent said. King responded "Well she's dead so I'd say someone believed it."
"Yeah, or they could prove it. They just decided to handle it themselves." Vincent said, adding "Oh, I've already notified the surrounding areas. If any other bodies show up we'll find out." Both King and Trent responded "Good" After another half hour of brain storming they hung up going back to the files.

June 22, 2019
Jasper, IN.

Marie had taken a week off work. Killing her boss had actually worked out in her favor. She was in Jasper to visit a doctor. As she followed him, she noticed there was a woman in the passenger's seat of his car. The woman looked like she was sleeping but Marie knew better.
Doctor Joseph Ryan was extremely interested in dead women. He had already murdered then raped eighteen women. Marie had special plans for this one.
She kept her distance until they reached the Super Eight Wyndham. Once he had taken the dead woman out of his car. Marie quietly climbed out of the van to follow.
Having done a lot of research. She found the perfect place to put her plans into motion. Then she would return him to the room. Placing him right next to the woman he murdered.
Marie knocked on the door to his room. Hearing a few curses and grumbles before he answered. Joseph looked at her smiling. Marie knew she would get his attention.
She had light brown hair that fell to her waist. Her ocean blue eyes always got attention. She was only five-three which meant people underestimated her strength. That always worked in her favor.
"How can I help you, m'lady?" He asked. 'Fuckin Casanova over here' Marie thought before responding "I think someone is in my room." then she asked "Could you help me out?" Him being the complete moron he was fell for it. 'Some doctor.' she thought. As he blindly followed her.
Once they reached the room on the first floor. She had made sure it was close to an exit. As well as disabling the camera. He stepped in front of her. That's when she injected him with the sedative. As he began to lose consciousness. Marie grabbed his arms dragging him out the door. Smiling the entire time.
Thirty minutes later. Joseph woke up on a bed. In what looked like an abandoned house. There was a table next to him with various tools. Some he recognized, others he wasn't sure about. His mouth was gagged. His arms and legs were chained to the bed. He was on his stomach completely naked.
Then he heard that "Bitch's" voice again. "Joseph Thomas Ryan you are a Monster. I kill Monsters." she said. He screamed but it was muffled. "Now, Now. There's no need for that. You should feel special. I have done a lot of work to get you here. You are one of the most important people on my list. Don't worry I'll put you back where I found you." Marie said with no emotion what so ever.
She picked up a dildo from the table putting a condom on it. Marie then picked up a whip. She shoved the dildo up his ass fucking him with it. As she beat his back and legs with the whip.
It didn't take long for that to get boring. She gave him another dose of Versed. Then rolled him over. She picked up a scalpel. Cutting his genitals off. She then cut them up placing them into a magic bullet. When she had chopped them up Marie added water to help them go down. Feeding his genitals down his throat.
After that she made sure his gag and restraints were in place before waking him back up. She really wanted him to feel this next part. She removed his hands. Skinned him alive. Then hung him over a bath tub to bleed out.
When he was dead she did as promised. Returning him to his hotel room. She laid his body next to the woman he killed. After making sure to respectfully cover her body but leave his exposed.
She drove home happy as a lark. Thinking 'Two more then I can move on.'
June 23, 2019
Jasper, IN.

Tonya Hanover had worked for the Super Eight Wyndham for five years. She was always on time. Only missing work if she might die. Needless to say she was one of their best employees.
Tonya collected her cleaning cart. Starting work promptly at seven am.
Always beginning with the public areas before moving to the rooms.
She made it to room two thirteen at around eleven am. Knocking on the door she announced "Housekeeping". There was no response so she knocked again. Still no response. It was past time for check-out so she entered the room. Immediately going to clean the bathroom.
As soon as Tonya finished the bathroom. She walked into the main area of the room. Without a sound she backed out of the room. She had just found a dead body.
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