Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 23, 2019
Jasper, IN.

Agent Vincent was standing in a hotel room at the Super Eight Wyndham. He was looking at two bodies this time. One was a victim of the killer. The other a naked woman.
The woman had ligature marks around her neck. She looked as if she had fought for her life. He would guess she was murdered by the killer's victim.
He looked over to the men's pants on the floor. Walking over he picked them up checking for a wallet. 'Pay dirt' he thought as he opened the wallet pulling out a photo I.D. "Joseph Thomas Ryan born November 3, 1983" he read aloud. He then searched for car keys.
Walking around the parking lot. He found the car he was looking for. A blue Mustang G.T. with a license plate that read DOCTOR.
He immediately got the crime scene techs to search the vehicle.
Later that day he was on a call with Agents King and Trent. "We found another body. It's a doctor this time. Actually found his I.D." he said. Brandon commented "This makes four victims. Then asked "Was there anything pointing to the killer?". He secretly hoped they wouldn't catch this guy.
"Not yet, the M.E. still has to work his magic." Robert told them. Before adding "We did find plenty of evidence on the victim, though. Seems he liked his women dead. A housekeeper found him in a hotel room. He was in the bed with a naked woman. Who had been strangled to death. Thing is she was completely covered up while he was completely exposed." "Is he really the victim in this then?" Brandon asked.
Robert was about to respond when Valerie spoke up "I have nothing guys. Oh, by the way I'm still on the phone. Thanks for noticing." "Sorry Valerie." Robert said. Then he turned his attention back to Brandon. "He's a murder victim. We don't have to like him. We just have to stop this killer."

June 26, 2019

Agent Vincent received a report from the M.E.. So he called King and Trent to let them know what was going on. "Hey guys I just got the M.E.'s report." Robert said.
Valerie asked "Is there anything useful in it?" Robert told them "Not really. He was sodomized. His genitals were removed but they weren't in his ass or throat." "Where were they?" Brandon asked. Robert sighed "Looks like they were part of his stomach contents. The killer apparently fed them to him." Brandon released a breath before saying "Fuck that's a bitch move." That's when Valerie had an epiphany "What if the killer is a woman?" she asked.
Robert thought about it before responding "I guess it's possible. The thing is how would a woman move the bodies on her own. She'd have to be either really strong or have help. This killer doesn't seem like the type to ask for help. That would risk getting caught. With the lack of evidence. Taking risks isn't something our guy seems to do." "Yeah, I guess you're right." Valerie said.

June 27, 2019
Goreville, IL.

Christopher Beck had just left work. He had a child to pick up. Marie was following at a distance. She had an idea of where Christopher was headed. She hated letting him get the boy but she had to wait for the right time to grab him.
Christopher stopped a block from the school playground. He knew little David would be playing there. David lived across the street. So he played there every day. He was the cutest eight year old Chris had ever seen. It was a shame he was going to have to die. 'Maybe I'll keep this one' Chris thought.
Marie parked across from the school playground. She watched with disgust as Christopher lured little David to his car. She had done her homework. Marie knew the boys parents both worked hard. They had to trust that his babysitter would take care of him. The babysitter didn't give a shit though. To her he was just a paycheck.
Christopher drove away after sedating little David. So that he would sleep until they reached the hotel. He kept a room there just for this purpose. He would do what he wanted with the boy. Then decide whether or not to keep him.
Marie's anger grew as she followed this evil bastard. She was thinking of a way to save the boy without getting caught. She could only come up with one alternative. It involved a huge risk but little David needed to make it home safely.
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