Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 27, 2019
Goreville, IL.

They reached the hotel on the outskirts of Ferne Clyffe State Park. Marie parked her van three spaces away from Christopher's car. She climbed out of the van. Making sure he saw her.
As he walked to the rear of his car to get the boy from the back seat. She walked up beside him injecting the sedative in the side of his arm. 'Risky' she thought. Luckily he was too focused on little David to pay attention to her. She had once again doubled the dose.
She dragged him to her van. Then sat there for a minute. She really hated this plan. If they used voice recognition software. They would know who she was. 'Fuck it all' she thought. She picked up her voice modulator placing it to her throat as she dialed nine-one-one. "Hello, there is an eight year old boy. Alone in the backseat of
a gray Ford Taurus. Behind Shawnee Trails Lodging and Suites. He was kidnapped." Marie told the dispatcher. Then she hung up. Driving to the side of the parking lot. She remained where she could see the car but couldn't be spotted by police, hopefully.
Once the police arrived at the car. Marie immediately drove away. She had serious plans for Christopher Alan Beck.
Twenty minutes later she was dragging him to a table. She had to move all of her equipment. Just so she could take care of this sorry peice of shit. He would pay for the trouble he caused.
Christopher woke up to the sound of a mechanical voice. 'Fuck' he thought. Everyone had heard what was going on by now. He knew there was a serial killer taking out people like him.
"Christopher Alan Beck you are the devil. I'm going to send you back to hell." the voice said. Then he saw a person in a hazmat suit walk over to him. He tried to scream and struggle just like the rest.
Marie just laughed at him. As she removed his finger nails one by one. Then she removed his fingers piece by piece. Marie continued this process as she moved from his hands to his feet.
She moved taking care of his genitals. This time though she placed them in a blender. Before feeding them to him.
After that she woke him up by shoving a dagger up his ass blade first. That's when she had the idea to sever spinal cord just between his shoulder blades. So that he couldn't move.
She injected him with another dose of Midazolam. Then flipped him over before picking up a scalpel to take care of his spine. Once that was done she flipped him again. Waking him back up with smelling salt.
Marie looked down at him saying "This is going to be fun." before using a blowtorch to burn specific areas of his skin. Finally she became bored. She dragged his body to the bath tub. Setting him on fire. Marie aloud his body to burn until he was beyond dead. Then put the fire out.

June 29, 2019
Goreville, IL.

It was the perfect day for a hike. At least that's what Sam Tucker thought. He was hiking through Ferne Clyffe State Park. Suddenly he looked over at a tree. Finding the charred remains hanging from a branch. He instantly threw up. Then he dialed nine-one-one.
Agent King arrived at the state park. To see the most disturbing of the killer's victims. The body was unrecognizable. It had been set on fire. Then he noticed that behind the tree. Was what looked like a freshly dug grave.
Brandon immediately called for dogs. It would take about an hour for them to get there. So he began talking to the M.E.. "What do we have?" King asked. She answered "It's a man. Other than that I don't know yet."
The K-9 officers showed up. King told them "I need you to search the entire area. There's a grave over there. I want to know if there are anymore." They got to work immediately.
Two hours later they had found twelve bodies. All little boys around eight to ten years old. King really wanted to award this killer a medal of honor. Whoever he was, he was saving people's lives.

June 30, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Marie had one more name on her list. In that area at least. She had already created a list for her new location. Tonight was the night she was going to clear her current list. Then first thing tomorrow morning she would be on her way.
She had to work one last shift though. Marie couldn't risk raising suspicions. Besides even though she didn't need the money. Money always helped.

June 30, 2019
Mount Vernon, IL.

Agent King was on a conference call with Vincent and Trent. "Okay, so the M.E. said it's a man. The body was found in a state park. Surrounded by graves. Twelve boys none over ten years old. I over heard two police officers talking about a boy found at a nearby hotel. I spoke to the hotel manager. He said that no one saw anything. So I listened to the nine-one-one call. Techs are working on it now. The caller used a voice modulator. There's a ninety nine percent chance that we've got our killer's voice." King reported.
Robert responded "That's amazing. Our boy finally slipped up." "That's not a big slip up though." Valerie said before asking "Who's to say anyone will know that voice?" Robert agreed. Then asked Brandon "Why doesn't the M.E. know anything yet?" Brandon responded "The body was set on fire. He's ninety percent burned."
"Shit!" Valerie exclaimed.

June 30, 2019
Henderson, KY.

Detective Watkins was just about to leave for dinner. When he received a call from a blocked number. He wasn't going to answer but the caller was persistent. "Yes" he answered.
A mechanical voice came across the line. "Detective Watkins I have your friend Marie. I know you have been looking for me. Here's your chance. Meet me at Fernwood cemetery in the mausoleum." Then before he could respond. The caller hung up. Drake raced to his car. He had to get there fast.
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