Justice Loughty: Book One of the Justice Series

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June 30,2019
Henderson, Ky.

Drake knew he should have brought back up. Especially with the F.B.I involved. This was Marie though. If he could save her and catch the killer he might just get a promotion.
As he entered the mausoleum he noticed a surgical table in the center of the large room. Next to it was a small table containing surgical tools. With his gun drawn he moved toward the table.
There was suddenly a sharp sting in his neck. He turned to find Marie holding a needle. Then everything around him disappeared.
Marie grabbed Drake's arms dragging him to the table. He was surprisingly lighter than he looked. As she pulled him up onto the table she noticed that he had a second gun. She finished adjusting him on the table then removed it.
After that she began to strip his clothes off. He really wasn't all that bad looking. She had just finished restraining him when he woke up. Drake groggily asked "Marie, what's going on?" While looking over her tools she replied "Drake Matthew Watkins you are a Monster. I kill Monsters. Now since we know each other personally. I am going to offer you an explanation."
Then she asked "Would you like an explanation?" Drake looked at her as she picked up a wash cloth and a roll of duct tape. He said "Yes Marie. Why are you doing this?"
Marie smiled a sadistic smile. While shoving the wash cloth into his mouth. "Well, it's simple really. You Drake have been a busy boy. Twenty seven little girls over the course of fifteen years. Did you think no one would find out?"
Drake couldn't respond verbally so he nodded. Marie continued "Yes well I guess you being a police detective. You would think that. However, I am literally a genius so I am excellent at finding things out. Now you are the last on my list. For this area at least. You should feel special you know. After all you are the reason I moved to this area."
He began trying to struggle. Marie sighed before saying "Drake, that's useless. I added iron cuffs to the table. You aren't going anywhere. Now let's begin. Since we're some what friends I'll tell you a story." Drake stopped struggling.
Marie picked up the scalpel moving to the end of the table. As she did so she began her story. "My given name is Justice Marie Loughty, fitting right." She began removing his dick slowly as she continued. "I was born and raised in Decatur county, Iowa. It's a small area." She moved on from his dick to his testicles before going on. "I had a younger brother named Danny. He was five years younger than me." She laid his testicles and penis on a towel.
Then adjusted the table to a standing position. Drake was struggling to breath. She doubted he could even hear her with all the screaming. Justice grabbed her cauterizing tool to stop the bleeding. No sense letting him die. Not yet anyway.
Once she had finished cauterizing the wounds. She moved to the back of the table removing the lower panel. He had calmed down slightly. Though he was still crying. So she continued her story. "Now where was I? Oh yeah, my little brother Danny. Anyway my parents needed our house painted. They hired a guy named Victor Richardson. He didn't do a bad job but he was a pedophile. Not that my parents knew that."
Justice reached over to pick up her pipe. She was getting side tracked. That wasn't good. "Long story short, Richardson spent two weeks sodomizing my seven year old brother. While he carved designs into his skin. My baby brother died of his injuries. The police never found Victor. I did though. I gave him a nice long acid bath. After I tortured him of course. Don't worry, you'll get the same. After all I can't have them finding your body. I have a flight to catch."
Justice rammed the pipe up Drake's ass as soon as she finished speaking. Drake lost consciousness after that. Justice lubricated his penis shoving it straight through the pipe. Removing the pipe afterwards. He deserved to suffer besides she was having fun. Otherwise she wouldn't have continued the torture.
She walked back around the table. Proceeding to remove his tongue before sewing his mouth shut. Once she woke him up. She sewed his eyes shut as well.
Then she removed his hands along with his feet.
After that Justice decided to let police find his body. She might even let them know where she left it. An elementary school sounded like a good spot. Although, risking a child finding him wasn't her cup of tea. She continued thinking it over.
Justice then began removing patches of skin one at a time. Until Drake stopped screaming again. She huffed annoyed by how weak he was. He couldn't take a little pain really. She woke him back up then continued.
Next she started burning the skin he still had with a blow torch. As she began shaving his head. So that she could carve the word "pedophile" into it. Justice knew exactly where she should leave his body.
She began carving into his head. Quickly realizing she would need to remove his ears . His head wasn't wide enough for such a long word. It would have to curve. She wanted it large enough to be instantly seen.
After removing his ears she continued carving. Drake had passed out again. Justice decided to let it go. It would waste precious time to keep waking him. She looked over her work smiling as she dragged him from the table. To the bath tub.
He suddenly started to struggle. As if he could get away. Justice slammed her foot down on his face shattering his nose. Then continued dragging him.
When they reached the bath tub she hooked the chains around his legs. Slitting his throat as she lifted his body over the tub. As he bled out she walked back over to her work area beginning to clean everything and pack up.

July 1, 2019

8:00 a.m.
Agent Trent arrived at the Henderson county court house. They had yet another body. As she walked to the back of the building she saw an officer vomiting. With others in tears. Then she saw it. Nailed to a make shift cross. With an envelope stapled to his chest was the body of Detective Drake Watkins.
She walked over to the body. After putting gloves on she carefully removed the envelope. Agent Trent opened it, to find a letter inside. This threw her off because there had never been any form of contact. Upon unfolding the letter she read.

It's been fun. I am off to greener pastures. There are far more needing Justice and you only live so long, you know. I have included a list of the monsters I've killed. Maybe, I'll see you again.
Trent turned to the next page finding the list.
1. Victor Douglas Richardson: Raped
and murdered seventeen boys.
Death by acid bath
2. Quinton Bradley Harlow: Raped
Twenty one women.
3. Wanda Diane Ford: Raped five
male students
4. Christian Michael Rodgers: Raped
Nine teenage girls. Murdered six
5. Catherine Danielle Carter: Raped
three men. Wasn't originally on the
list, Oops.
6. Joseph Thomas Ryan: Murdered
then Raped seventeen women.
7. Christopher Alan Beck: Raped and
Murdered twelve boys
8. Drake Matthew Watkins: Sexual
molestation of twenty-seven girls
Ages six to twelve years. Over the
course of fifteen years.

Agent Trent looked back at the body of Detective Drake Watkins. Shaking her head she walked away. To call Agents Vincent and King.

July 1, 2019

Justice arrived at the airport just in time for her flight. It had taken longer to finish with Drake than she thought. That's the problem with changing your plan. She just couldn't see letting her hard work go to waste.
As she boarded the plane smiling to herself. She thought about her new list. She was going to have so much fun in Texas.
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