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Teanna 5: Last Man Standing

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After successfully overthrowing the russian occupation and kicking them out of American shores, A man named Rowan Johnson, ex mayor of Los Angeles with ties and backings from the UN suspiciously pops up at the last hour to snatch away the presidency from a bewildered Kynes by offering a deal for Kynes to exchange the presidency to govern freeland, as a state as part of America, not an de facto independent country. A enraged accepts the deal, leaving Teanna and the group of meta humans heartbroken and in absolute uproar, But throughout Johnson's tenure reveals classified secrets tying him to a nefarious group of rich, powerful people in the world who will stop at absolutely nothing to enforce a anti-meta new world order evolved around depopulation, wars, famine and anarchy. The prospects of fighting yet another bloody war for freedom faces Teanna and the PhoenixSix meta human coalition once more.

Thriller / Scifi
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Unhinged Deal With The Devil

"So that's it. After all the hard work, the blood, the sweat, the tears. You give up what was your destiny, to who you KNOW deep down are a bunch of puppets for the UN!"

You try your best to contain your anger, as you seek to find answers to what Kynes did.

"Teanna, we have freeland back--"

"WE HAD THE COUNTRY!" Your voice could probably be heard from a mile away as Kynes winces.

"You said it yourself that in history, coup leaders never handed over power. So...what? You just suddenly lost your intellect and believed his 'he was handpicked by the UN' bullshit story?!"

You flail your arms in frustration and anger as you await Kynes's response.

But he's unable to even muster an answer.

"Yeah...of course you can't answer. Of course." You can't even look at him anymore, you watch at Shaqueel who looks even more shocked than you do.

"I'm gonna work my way up the ladder, and fight him from the inside." He says, unconvincingly

You laugh in disbelief, shaking your head.

"Yeah. That's funny, because just 5 minutes ago, YOU WAS ON TOP OF THAT SAME LADDER!"

The rage flies to your head as you prance left and right, thinking about your next action, almost bordering on unhinged

"You know what??..."

You pill out your pistol and point it to Kynes's forehead


"You shut the fuck up". You snarl at Kynes as his daughter hides her face away in his chest, the rest of the group watches on in shock and complete horror and fear that you're about to do something completely irreversible.

"Teanna, do you know what you're doing--"

"You made a deal with the devil. What was that saying that you made up? Let me see......oh now I remember. Zero tolerance for collaborators?!"

You take off the safety switch

"I-I am NOT collaborating! I NEEDED to agree to this so that we can have our home back! Freeland, is our home! Not the United States! You know I'll NEVER betray you guys!"Kynes shouts

"Then why did you give a single fuck when the russians invaded?" You ask.

"You could've focused on defending our "home? We could've been in a new York penthouse looking over the horizon drinking glasses of red wine, smoking the best weed while our defenses work, the rest of America burns? The russians take over, freeland stays alive as a country, we live happily ever after, right?".

You lower the gun as you shake your head.

"You really think the russians would've left freeland after they took over the rest of the US?!" Kynes asks frustratingly

"We would never know, would we?" You say, smiling.

"But what I do know, is that you made a deal with the devil."

"And I'm going to fix that." You say, with your eyes glowing. You activate the suit that Kynes made you, and burst out the door.

The entire group tries to run after you, but you're too fast for them.

You fly into the air, in hopes of finding Rowan Johnson and his UN convoy. Behind you, you can see Shaqueel following closely behind trying to catch up.

You notice the convoy just up the road. Two armoured humvees protect Rowan's car sandwiched in the middle of them.

You keep up, forming an electric fire ball in between your palms as you travel in the air.

You blast at the Humvee infront, blowing it up in a fiery explosion as the two vehicles behind swerve and dance away from the wreckage and the debris on the road

The now two car convoy nears a old road barrier which had been previously set up by the russians

You land on top of the humvee behind Rowan's car trying to force the driver into a mistake.

You crawl onto the engine bonnet to destract the driver.

The humvee swerves and swerves left to right until it slams into the back of Rowan's van.

You're thrown off the humvee completely by the momentum as Rowan's car slams into the barrier, flipping the car over in the air, landing it on its roof.

You get up and dust yourself off as the UN soldiers exit the crashed humvee and open fire on you.

Your suit absorbs the bullets as you blast two of them with electricity, killing them instantly.

You run and grab the rifle off the dead soldier and begin engaging with the UN forces, taking them out one by one.

A UN soldier appears from the back of the humvee and opens fire on you. You try to fire back at him but the bullet run out.

You walk towards him as he continuously fires at your chest, shocked that the bullets have yet to pierce it.

"What the--"
You slap the rifle out his hands and knee him in the balls, before flipping him over your shoulder.

He struggles to get up as you grab the rifle on the ground and walk towards the soldier, ho begins pleading for his life.

"Please, please I swear--"

"Save it." You say in Russian.

You shoot him in the forehead, and walk towards Rowan's overturned car, which has UN soldiers attempting to crawl out of the totaled vehicle.

As they appear from the windows, pleading for their own lives, you shoot them dead, not giving a shit about war crimes or morality. You rob them of knives, grenades and other weapons as you prance towards the front passenger door, where Rowan is.

You yank the door off it's hinges and drag Rowan out the car, who is in excruciating pain.

"Wait wait--"

"Nah." You stomp on his already injured leg, feeling the bone crackle under your weight. He screams out in pain as you drag him out into the open.

Just then, Kynes and the rest of the group arrive in their various vehicles with Shaqueel hovering above them.

They all rush out with horrified looks on their faces as you place Rowan on his knees with a knife to his throat.

Your eyes glow bright orange as Kynes steps out in front, horrified at the sight of dead bodies from the UN battalion.

"Are yall willing to die for this man?" You ask as you press the knife harder on Rowan's neck. They all reluctantly point their guns at you, apart from Shaqueel and Erika

"Teanna, I know you're angry, but if you kill this man, you're gonna bring a whole load of trouble that this country does not NEED right now!" Kynes says.

You shake your head in disbelief.

"Trouble? But isn't this country already in trouble? Hadn't we just kicked the russians out of our country? Didn't they kill our entire government? Didnt they occupy the white house? There's no law and order, no police, no government. I led the entire coup d'etat against Medev. I killed him, for YOU!" You point at Kynes, who looks away in heartbreak.

"I came on national television and told everyone that the Americans have taken back control of the government, that you're gonna be the next president, that we will fix our nation, that metas will get to live freely without fears of persecution or genocide. We could've made the rules, the laws, the decrees, we could've been the top dawgs in a country that despised us. The American people thanked US as liberators, not the UN. Yet you decide to hand over an entire country of 325 million anxious people to a group who you know only serve the interests of Davos." Kynes stares back at your eyes as you try to control your rage. Your strike team lower their weapons.

You look at all your friends, who once became your ride or die crew, been through thick and thin, conflict to conflict, losing friends along the way, to now siding with the one man, who you feel has betrayed not only the group, but his own morals and beliefs.

"So I'll ask again..."

You scrape the knife on Rowan's neck, before slamming him pinned to the ground


You place your foot on his neck apply pressure to it

Theo, Toby and Daxton shoot at you in hopes of getting you off of Rowan, but you don't budge.

Kynes then points his gun at your head

"Teanna, get your foot off this man's neck immediately! That is an order! Don't make us do this to you, please!" Kynes shouts as Erika runs over to your side

You begin to laugh hysterically

"An order? From who? You? As far as I can tell, you're not in charge here." You shake your head as you stare at all of them, all who have reluctantly decided to side with Kynes's decision.

"....And neither am I." You drop the knife and begin to walk away

"Wait, what?"

"Hold up"

"What did she just say?"


Erika runs over to you and the group walks in follow. She gently grabs onto your arm.

"T-teanna what are you doing?" She asks, a worried look on her face as her eyes meet yours.

"Kynes sold us all out. We had the entire country in our hands, we were the rightful heirs to power. Tell him that Eleanor died for our freedom so that our country could be free today. Tell him what we went through in that death camp. Tell him!

She turns to Kynes, who looks nothing more than distraught.

You realize that she too, will not speak out against this.

"I guess I've got my answer."

You shake your head as you turn away and get ready to fly away.

"And if you think I'm gonna quietly accept that everything that we fought for with our own blood sweat and tears must be handed over to some globalist scum like Rowan Johnson after all that we've been through, after the friends that we lost, you guys have another thing coming."

You then fly away high into the clouds, finally letting go of the angry tears you hid behind your eyelids.

a while later.....

You arrive in Philadelphia, at the designated house Kynes gave to you and your friends during his ascension to power under the AIA. You run in and grab 4 duffel bags and start stuffing them with cash, clothes, toiletries, guns and ammunition. You run into your room and quickly change into more comfortable, loose clothing.

You begin ransacking the house of essential items you may need, including your passport and old photos of your deceased parents and brother.

You suddenly hear a noise at the front door. Startled, you grab your gun and head towards it, only to realize it's Shaqueel.

You drop the gun on the ground.

"Seriously? What are you doing here? Why did you follow me Shaqueel?" You say, while you rush to continue packing your duffel bags

"I was just gonna ask you the same thing. What are you doing here?" He asks, with a synpathetic smirk on his face

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"Well, you're packing bags". He then peeks inside to see the bands of money inside.

"...full of money. Where are you going, T?"

You stop, sighing frustratingly

"I'm leaving. I'm getting the fuck outta here."

"You're-You're leaving the country?!"

"Not like anything gonna change, is it?" You shout, as you grab a pair of socks and throw them in the bag.

"I didn't sign up for this shit. I didn't sign up to be a lackey and a poser for the UN. That's not me. But it seems that Americans have a love hate relationship with globalist kleptokrats and then fight a bloody war after wards to get rid of them. We sure do seem to love wars, after all, that's how we got our independence. We lost far too many people to reach the white house, and you guys allowed kynes to sell us out. Because some overzealous kleptocrat from LA with a whole bunch of ties to the UN shows up coincidentally on the same day we win the war and we celebrate? The same day I handed the presidency to Kynes after overthrowing the bastards? Nah. That was the last straw for me." You start to zip up the bags when Shaqueel abruptly stops you with his telekinesis powers.

"Shaqueel--the fuck are you doing?"

"Stopping you from making a big mistake."

You use your powers and the lights in the house begin to dim and flicker. Shaqueel then let's you go.

"OK! Damn, I'm sorry, babe." He says, as he throws himself down on the couch.

"Come with me, Shaq." His head snaps to you as if you asked him to kill himself.

"I can't leave, T, and you know it."

"Why not? Aren't you tired?"

You finish organizing the bags and sit down on his lap on the couch, facing him.

"Arent you tired of these wars? These conflicts? Us having to pick up rifles and fight wars in our own country just to survive? We shouldn't have to be doing this! Not us! Maybe it was better the russians were still here, I'd rather be in a death camp, than have the UN control us. I'm tired of taking orders from others, being controlled by others, like I'm a little sheep. You're probably happy that it's like this." You say

"No!!" Shaqueel yells

"Maybe I'll go to Cuba and learn Spanish. Maybe I should go to the Bahamas and buy a mansion start over a whole new life. Trinidad, perhaps? The virgin islands? Hell, maybe i should go live in Russia. Anywhere is better than living with sell outs. Then when I'm settled in my new home, I'll come back to America with a army of my own and deal with Rowan job "

You get up from his lap and grab your bags when he slams the door shut and locks it with his powers.


"Yes, really. Now come here, sit." He says, patting to the spot next to him. You reluctantly drop the bags and sit next to him, belaugured.

"T. Nothing in this world is perfect. Yes, Kynes gave up his own power to some guy. Yeah, I'm suspicious about it too. But you know what we do when we get into trouble. We fix shit, babe. We handle our business. We always beat the problem when it arrives. We're always able to navigate around our obstacles, no matter how small or large. Yeah, you've made mistakes, I have too. Kynes made a mistake, but who knows? What if he learns from it?"

You shake your head.

"I know you want to leave. You want to quit. But that's not you. That's not the girl I fell in love with. I've never seen you so willing to give up like that before." He plants a kiss on your forehead as you smile

"Stay. Stay with us, for now. The group needs you, we need you, Kynes needs you. You may not think it, but you are what keeps us going. Without you there is no PhoenixSix, without you, without Kynes we wouldn't even have a freeland to look forward to. There is no point quitting now, T. You've never stopped fighting for us, and we'll never stop fighting for you. And I promise you, If Kynes's plan goes tits up, then we will pack our shit and leave. Deal?"

You look him deep in his dark brown eyes as you contemplate Shaqueel's offer.

"Alright. I'll stick around. For now." You smile as yours and his lips connect, savoring the soft fluffy touch of his lips and his rough hands cupping your face.

You both then leave, turn off the lights and go upstairs, to get some good night sleep.

a few hours later....

You're woken by a loud breaking of glass downstairs. Your heart thumping, you wake up Shaqueel and alert him, and fly down the stairs to the foyer with your suit on.

Shaqueel follows closely behind, tiptoing to not make any unnecessary noise.

Suddenly, a group of armed men in black armoured clothing burst through the door. You're about to light them up, when you see a angry snakes walk through, pointing a pistol at your head.

"You shot me and left me for dead, you son of a bitch." He says. You put your hands up in the air to surrender

"Snakes?!" Shaqueel tries to go toward him but he then points the gun at Shaqueel.

"You don't move Shaq, I only want her." Snakes beckons for you to follow him out the door, but you refuse to budge.

"Snakes, I never shot you! it was--"

"YOU THINK I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS YOU AT THE EXECUTION SITE WITH THE RUSSIANS? OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT EXECUTED?!" He Yells, while thrusting off his shirt to show his healing bullet wounds from the execution site, when Krasnaya was in control of your body and had worked for the russian occupation.

"You think I wanted to do that? I was NOT in control!"

"Yeah you think this is the movies isn't it? Oh poor me, I was forced to do it--"

"NO, literally Snakes, I was not in control of myself at the time!" You turn around and show him the scar at the back of the neck near the brain where Senut had inserted the Krasnaya Operating system microchip.

"The russians had created a entire russian version of myself when the invasion happened, when they took us all prisoner. I was then the leader of their Meta human strike force. I guess I, me, was there to lead the entire execution operation for Livod Medev and his guys before I regained control." You say

"H-how do I know you're not lying? How do I know you're not lying to me?" Snakes asks, still refusing to put down the gun.

"You've known me for so long and you actually think I would betray you guys like that?" You put your hands down and take a seat

"Besides, the war, the insurgency was all a futile operation anyway. We went from being occupied by the Russians to being occupied by the UN. At this point I don't know which one is worse."

Snakes puts down his gun as he orders his men to lower their weapons.

"What you mean 'controlled by the UN'?" He asks

You sigh heavily as you take a seat on the arm of the sofa.

"While you were out there trying to survive, we guys lead the entire operation to overthrow the russian occupation. Made it into the white house, executed medev and his guys eventually. I took power of the entire country for a brief moment, and in a speech to the nation I handed the presidency over to Kynes, as it was his dream."

You chuckle to yourself

"Or so I thought. This little knuckle dragger from LA who calls himself the former mayor of LA he comes and says that the UN chose him to lead the country in the interim, after I gave it to kynes. And you know what Kynes did? Instead of fighting back, like we always do, he sells us out. He hands over power to this Rowan Johnson, in exchange, we get back freeland, but we're no longer independent? Some globalist who's obviously on the UN payroll is in charge of our country? Freeland is absorbed into the union?"

You shake your head as the memories flash back of Kynes agreeing to the deal with Johnson

"What?" Snakes says. "No, Kynes wouldn't do something like this--"

"Well he did, because he's a fucking sell out." You say. Snakes eyes falls on the packed duffel bags of money guns and clothes on the floor.

"What's that for?"

"What do you mean what's that for? Who the hell wants to continue living constant occupation, and the one guy who we thought would fight against this stuff just brought us out of one occupation into a new one. I'm done, Snakes. I've had enough. I'm no longer working for Kynes."

Snakes's jaw nearly drops on the ground in silence.

"Listen, Teanna, I've only just got back. I picked these guys up from the old AIA regiment, they're the ones who saved my life." He says

"What's your plan?" Shaqueel asks

"I'll talk to Kynes. This entire agreement, deal or whatever that Kynes made stinks to the high heavens. I don't like it either." Snakes says

You nod in agreement

"Things are changing, Teanna. The whole world is. There's something so sinister about the UN taking control of our country just as the russians leave. I just don't know what they intend on doing to us." He says

"Then let's find this all out together, Me, Shaqueel, you and your guys. We can work as a team, uncover dark secrets, just like the old times." You say, sticking your hand out for a handshake. Snakes looks, stunned. He then contemplates.

"After this is all done, we still have to settle what happened at the Execution site." He says.

"No problem."

He then shakes your hand firmly, as he and his men walk out the now damaged door.

You yawn, realizing you're too tired to be dealing with all this even at a young age.

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