Isaac Williams

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***WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS BLOOD, VIOLENCE, AND DEATH*** “Let go of me!” I yelled, kicking my feet at them. Professor James and his assistant, tied me up, from head to toe. Willing for my death ————— Isaac Williams was only a twelve year old boy, trapped in a world of crime, mystery, murder, and more.

Thriller / Mystery
Moon Knight
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━━━━━━━☆0☆━━━━━━━ Years ago, a Kingdom named The Evander Kingdom, was attacked by a demon.

Everyone who was in there, who even had their foot in there, was killed. Which meant even meant the King and Queen have been killed by the Demon.

Except for one person. A child, Isaac Williams. Who saw his parents, the King and Queen, getting murdered by the Demon.

But he never saw them as Kings and Queens. He saw them as poor because he met eye contacts with the demon. And he never met them, only that day.

He was raised in a small village, as soon as he was born, that was far away from his Kingdom, due to a battle.

But when we was going to meet his parents for the first time, they were half dead on the ground, wearing filthy clothes.

“Don’t give up, be strong we’re counting on you.” Were his parent’s last words.

And with that, he never knew who was the murder. And little did the world know, including him, that his parents were Highness and he was there little Prince.

Only his uncle, Sir Williams, knew all about it. But he would always pretend he knows nothing.

Because he, helped the demon kill the King and Queen.

And that’s how it all began.

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