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Her life was never picture-perfect, but is anyones? Damnato is lost soul in Latin and it describes Mel perfectly. She is a lost soul with one goal. To kill her blood-thirsty father, for all the things he did to her. She is not stable, she refuses any sort of relationships. Her mother is dead, Mel has nothing to lose, right? What if someone forced his way to her side? Can he save her from her greatest enemy? Herself. But even he has secrets, secrets that will shatter her more.

Thriller / Fantasy
Chloe. J
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My heart is beating a-mile-a-minute. My breathing is rapid to match my sped up heart rate. The chalky dryness of my throat craves a substance to wash it away. It is a painful feeling. Each swallow is like a bag of glass shards. I glance over at the man in my car, his dirty-blonde mop of hair, and lifeless-looking body is curled over the dash of the black sedan I had just led-footed through the window of the local shopping centre. The fragments of the windshield drop out like flakes of snow... I can feel a shard protruding from my shoulder, but my adrenaline pushes me to ignore the pain.

“You are strong... You have a goal.” I whisper to myself.

I hear the man moan in pain, cherry-red blood drips from his chest… I watch the shadow of the man I had been hunting flicker into the dark shopping centre. I flew into a panic that I will miss my chance… Another glance at the man beside me, another glance at the shadowy figure.

“Make a choice.” I whisper to myself once again.

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