The Walls Know No Secrets

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When an unidentified dead body of a girl turns up at the precinct's doorstep, the detectives are pulled into a murder frenzy .Desmond Sheriff ,one the town's best doctor is murdered in cold blood at in his home as more dead bodies of doctors continue to pile up ,Detective John and his team race against time to capture this killer. With each murder comes new suspects and every second wasted brings closer another's death .The killer leaves no clues behind ,no witnesses,no real suspects,no one with a motive.Is this a mere coincident or is there a serial killer on the loose..

Thriller / Mystery
Richard Khumalo
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Breathing heavily and drenched in sweat Sofia ran. She could feel her self becoming light headed but she had to keep running, she had to get to the station it was the only place she felt safe. Her heart beating so fast it was going to give out anytime and her body was beginning to fail. There was not a part of her body which her sweat had not soaked, she looked like someone who had fallen into the river. She staggered as she ran, it was no longer running it was more like she was dragging herself like a drunkard. People around her watched in shock and tried to communicate with her but it was to no avail, she had what they call tunnel vision.

“Run, run little one and don’t look back because if you do the big bad wolf will get you ”

These were the words he said to her before he let her go. She was in so much shock she wasn’t even aware of the fact that she was wearing a top and her under garments. She had no shoes and her feet were leaving a print of blood wherever she stepped. Now ahead of her stood the Harare city precinct in all its might. She had done it, at last she arrived. Selena the receptionist spotted her and ran only to catch her as she fell at the door.

“Run or the big bad wolf will” she gasped for air “get you” she said and went unconscious.

Theresa the second receptionist ran to get help.

“Its been almost a year and no major crimes.” Don said chewing his sandwich.

“I guess the Sala case sent a message to all those sadistic bastards out there.” replied Gerald lying back in his chair.

“Speaking of Sala I kinda miss him.” Don said jokingly.

“I believe when you cut your hair, your brains went with it too.” Richard teased and John chuckled.

“Aren’t you supposed to be playing Dad right now.” Don commented.

“You can be such an ass sometimes you know that.” Casey said frowning at Don.

“If its your ass I’d be honored.” he replied sarcastically.

“Really man.” Johnny commented shaking his head.

“Guys guys I’m just joking ey I just miss solving cases that’s all.” he defended himself.

“What about the diamond thief case?” asked Gerald.

“Come on man that’s child’s play I miss the real thing you know.” he answered.

“Well its your lucky day then, your wish just came true.” Theresa said peeking into the conference room startling everyone.

“What?” said Casey, “please let it not be a murder.” she repeated it crossing her fingers.

“It’s a murder,” said Theresa killing her vibe.

“Damnit.” Casey blurted out.

“A lady came in here drenched in sweat ,she’s at the reception,” Therry said and they followed her.

They found Selena laying her down and slowly standing up.

“Why are you leaving her down there.” asked Don.

Gerald walked over to her, felt the pulse and turned to his friends

“She’s dead”

Sending a chill down everyone’s spine.

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