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The quiet yet Interesting Pine' Shade must find the cause of the Darkness that is spreading through her clans home before they become mere Memories that faded away with time. [Read through my new series with Original character's! : The Mist.

Thriller / Mystery
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The Darkness

Pine’ Shade looked up to the faint moon.

The Sky’s been dark for a couple of moons now. I’ve gotten used to it..

Unlike my Clanmates.
She looked at the dark clouds engulfing the sky and camp. The darkness is honestly relaxing.

Pine' Shade spotted her Mother, Dark' Cloud staring at the mist her fur bristled. All the clan talks about now is the mist..Boring. `Hey Pine' Shade` Shadow' Wing squeezed beside her. `Hello..` Pine' Shade wasn't interested in talking to him. `Have you heard of the Attack?`

Pine' Shade tipped her head. `Well makes sense your always staring off into the sky, right?` Shadow' Wing nudged her with a paw. `I suppose so, but I have things on my mind` Shadow' Wing nodded. `Well Bark' Foot got attacked in his sleep` Pine' Shade's ears pricked. `He said he couldn't see what it was, all he saw was mist` Shadow' said wide eyed. `Well that's all, Goodnight` Pine' Shade dipped her head.

Did the mist attack Bark' Foot?..

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