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The Secret within the Mist

The sky was dark, like always...

Would it end?

Does it really matter though

We all die anyway.

Pine' Shade gazed into the forest. Mist everywhere of course..

`All cats old enough to hunt their own prey gather around for a clan meeting!` Smoke' Star yowled.

`Another meaningless meeting?` Pine' Shade muttered.

`It saddens me to inform you all that Cold' Eye our deputy may not survive the night` Smoke' Star's voice wobbled.

`You shouldn't have sent him out to check the Territory!` Black' Heart's Tail lashed.

`You did this to him!` Cold Hearts son, Shadow' Wing Hissed. `Traitor!` Night' paw and Sky' paw chanted. `Unbelievable..` Hawk' Stripe murmured.

`He was a brave cat..` Seeping' Sight shut her eyes tight.

`We must not attack the one cat who kept this clan alive all this time!` Badger' Claw stood beside their leader.

`Thank you Badger' Claw` Smoke' Star flicked his tail. `This meeting is over!` He yowled roughly, disappearing into his den with the Med Seeping' Sight.

`That was a pretty interesting meeting` Pine' Shade whispered to herself. `I can't believe he did that` Shadow' Wing muttered near the warriors den.

`Nice and comfy` She curled up near her favorite spot at the camps edge. `Maybe the mist will stop..` Pine' Shade's green eyes flickered into a ominous look.

`Maybe it shouldn't..`

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