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Who are you?

It’s dark..

I really shouldn’t wake up hoping for it to be gone..

The darkness will stay..

`Wow quite a normal day` Pine’ Shade stretched in her corner.

`Yes might I say, with a spectacular she`

Shadow’ Wing sat behind Pine’ Shade. I’m not interested in talking ` Pine’ Shade turned her head.

` Ah, there’s the Pine’ Shade I know Shadow’ Wing smiled.

` Ha `-` Pine’ Shade exaggerated a laugh.

`Well I may be so, remember my offer` Shadow’ wing winked and slid into the warrior’s den.

`Come here! ` Some unknown voice demanded. `Huh? `

Pine’ Shade leaned her head over the protecting bushes.

`Well? Move it! ` The voice rushed her, a low edge to it.

Pine’ Shade shrugged and creeped by the bushes.

`So, what do you want? ` Pine’ Shade yawned, flicking her tail.

The dark figure of a cat looked at her.

`This is boring, I’m going to get myself some prey`

She rolled her eyes and began to pad off.

The massive figure stamped her tail, making her yelp. `I wasn’t ready! `

The shadowy cat nudged her back.

`Fine, make it quick` Pine′ Shade sighed.

`Pine’ Shade was it? ` The shadow had a sly tom’s voice.

`Yeah, what’s it to you? ` Pine’ Shade arched her back slightly.

`Nothing, it’s just a beautiful name for a beautiful She`

His tail twitched.

`Who are you? ` Pine’ Shade backed up towards a shrub-line.

`Just call me Chaser, Hun`

Pine’ Shade shook her head. `I am not your Hun`

She hissed, as the shadow drew a claw up her throat. `Let’s stop the chit-chat, kitten`

The tom pulled his claw from her fur; It was snagged.

`I am a- Starclan cat, yes` He looked to her. `And? ` Pine’ Shade blinked.

`So you cats don’t respect Starclan? Don’t you admire them, Fear them? `

Chaser had a dark look: Padding around her.

` How bout you back up a bit. ` She held her tail stiffly.

He blinked, looking at her blankly.

`…` She shifted backwards, trembling.

`You’ll be coming with me...` Chaser put a paw on her sleek back.

`Argh-` Pine’ Shade groaned as Chaser pushed her into a crouch.

`It’s always the same behavior...` Chaser mumbled.

`Well, off we go! ` The tom grabbed her by the scruff.

`Wait- No! ` Pine’ Shade strained to slip out of his grasp.

`Dark’ Cloud! Shadow’ Wing! ` She yowled as they disappeared into a dark tunnel.

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