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The Story of Orn' Stone

Am I alive?

Does it really matter anymore?

~ Probably not.. ~

Pine’ Shade shifted herself, in a meek attempt at escape.

Desperate she pushed her body against a sharp netlike object; Her legs trembling.

` This is useless . . .` She let out a breath, relaxing her body again.

Feeling utterly defeated she succumbed to the thought of being trapped forever.

`Giving up so easy? I guess your brain does work, a bit ` A voice taunted her smoothly.

`Who’s there? ` She couldn’t help but nervously whisper.

` You don’t know me? Ouch, that hurt my feelings` The supposed tom put on a pitiful voice.

` Anyway, I’m Orn’ Stone . . .You’ve probably heard of me `

He quietly stalked towards Pine’ Shade.

` You’re from the old nursery tale? . . .`

She figured ‘Orn’ must be off the deep end.

`They made my life a kit’s tale? How disrespectful`. Orn’ Stone muttered.

` Guess that is kind of messed up-`

Pine’ Shade never thought the story might have been true.

` Living cats are the worst, I can’t believe I was one`

Pine’ Shade froze, did that mean she was dead?

` Am I dead?! ` She looked to the Tom, Her eyes wild.

` No, you’re in a place where you would wish you were`

He glanced down darkly.

` What’s that mean? Am I somewhere horrible? `

Pine’ Shade threw questions at him.

` Depends . . .were you looking for a place to suffer eternally? `

Orn took a deep breath, as if readying himself for something.

` Sit . . . I’ll tell you the real prophecy of Orn` He swallowed.

` Great, a nursery story` Pine’ Shade murmured.

` Shush! ` Orn’ Stone straightened himself, then began.

` Fine . . . Just skip to the important parts, I don’t need to know your life story` Pine rushed him, with the flick of her black tail.

` Well it all started when I had decided to become a medicine cat . . .` Orn’ Stone’s tail twitched.

` I had started to get petrifying dreams of being chased-`

His fur bristled.

` I never saw what was chasing me though, I only saw blurred scenes of fog` Orn’ Stone shuffled his paws.

` . . .` Pine’ Shade stayed quiet, an oddly soft look in her eyes.

` Then in a dream, I stopped running . . . to face the thing ` Orn’ Stone froze as if having flashbacks.

`And- I saw...` Orn shut his eyes tight, trying to forget how it looked.

` A Horrifying Cat- with dark red eyes, a spilt jaw and torn ears... ` Orn’ Stone’s whiskers trembled as he stammered.

` That sounds interesting… ` Pine’ Shade shifted her eyes around the dark pine filled forest uneasily.

` Days after that occurrence, I started to think I was being watched… ` Orn’ Stone continued blankly.

` Hm- ` Pine’ Shade’s ears twitched at the new idea Orn was murdered.

` I continued with my life as a medicine cat ` His tail swished from side to side.

` But when the time for our next gathering came, that corrupt Shadowclan led a raid into Thunderclan! ` He unsheathed his claws in pure rage.

` Ah, the start of the great battle? ` Pine’ Shade suddenly remembered being told this story when she was younger.

Orn’ Stone nodded, his dark-brown and dappled pelt starting to smooth.

` My dearest friend Hart’ Stem was brutally thrown and slashed multiple times... ` His eyes glittered in anger.

Orn’ Stone shook his head trying to calm down.

` We didn’t know that Shadowclan had joined with Chaser at the time ` He blinked slowly.

` C-Chaser? ` Pine’ Shade remembered being dragged into a tunnel with him.

` Yes! That no good fleabag helped lead the attack... ` He flattened his ears.

` HE”S THE ONE WHO BROUGHT ME HERE ` Pine’ Shade wiggled out from the trap, her adrenaline pumping.

` Oh...I guess there’s no way to get you out then ` Orn’ Stone let out a loud sigh and turned.

` W-why? ` Pine’ Shade looked at him nervously.

` You’ve been brought to the Darkforest- When here, there’s no coming back ` He squinted sadly.

` You’ll remain here as yourself and join their clan... ` He exhaled slowly.

` But I’m not evil- I need to get back! ` She started to get teary eyed in desperation.

` …They’ll come for you soon- I’m sure of it, you must go now! Before they come.. `

Pine’ Shade trudged towards Orn’ Stone and rubbed her neck against his, before bounding off.

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