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"A gun was something I always hated. It is used to kill, and to ruin. I never thought I'd use it. But now I guess it's more of a love hate relationship." . . 18 year old Audrey Graham runs away from home, hoping for a new life without her controlling parents. Just as she was about to begin her new life, she gets kidnapped by a mafia family. She goes through a lot of ups and downs in her journey to escape the hell that is her life, and take revenge on the people who made it that way. She experiences heinous killings, new friends, and a forbidden romance with a certain soon to be mafia boss. . . Updated every Tuesday and Friday!

Thriller / Romance
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Meeting Madeline

I wake up in a small dark room with a splitting headache. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. The last thing I remember is being hit in the head with a stick.

I was taking a walk in the park and was hit in the head, that’s the last thing I remember. To distract myself from my racing thoughts, I look around the room and try to find out, or if I’m lucky, a way to escape.

There is a door in the room, bolt shut. There are no lights but I’m able to make out a window through which a few rays of sunlight are coming in. As I’m planning an escape, a tall man walks in.

“It’s good to see you’re awake, it’ll make this much easier”, he said in a rough voice.
Easier to do what, I thought. What was going to happen to me?
“Who are you and where am I?” I demanded, with my heart pounding in my chest.
“It doesn’t matter bitch, get up” he yells as he pulls me by my hair and drags me to the door.
He pushes me into a small room, filled with young girls, all in their late teens and early 20s. He then closes the door and locks it from outside.
“Umm, where am I?” I mutter.

A girl with short red hair answers.” My name is Madeline. You’re in the den of the Kotto family”. She says looking distressed.

“The Kotto family, what do you mean? What’s going to happen to us?” I ask, sounding worried.
“The Kotto family is a mafia family. They will most probably kill you and sell your organs or train you to kill and make you part of their heinous crimes. It all depends on your fate.” She says.

The color immediately drains from my face. What will I do? Is there any way to escape? I don’t know if anyone will come to help me or even think about me.
I ran away from home a few weeks ago, hoping for a better and new life. My parents had no idea where I was, nor did they care. The only person who may care about my whereabouts, is my sister Amelia, but I had no way of contacting her and she had no way to find out where I am.

I look around the small, cramped room. There are hundreds of girls, with their tear streaked faces, all waiting for their impending doom. So am I.

After what seems like forever, a man walks in and takes 10 girls with him. I then hear gunshots and bodies dropping dead. 6 gunshots, that means 4 are still alive.

The man then takes 10 more girls and shoots 5 of them. Madeline starts crying and I have no idea how to reassure her. I myself am too scared. The man comes back and takes 10 more girls, including Madeline and I. My palms are slick with sweat. Will this be the end? I hear 6 gunshots and 6 girls drop dead, covered in blood. I start crying and so do the other 3 girls.

The other surviving three girls and I are lead to a dormitory with 4 beds and a toilet. One of them I recognize as Madeline and I don’t know the other 2.

As if reading my thoughts, a short girl of around 16 introduces herself as Bree. She is shaking and crying , I can’t blame her.

The other girl comes up to me and holds out her hand for me to shake.

“My name is Anastasia, Ana for short.” She says, smiling as much as she can.

“Hey, my name is Audrey”, I say as I reach out to shake her hand. All of us get settled in, picking beds and introducing ourselves.

Madeline is the oldest among us, being a 19 year old college student. Ana and Bree are both 17 years old while I am 18. One thing all of us have in common; is that we have little to no family, so no one will come looking for us.

As we are getting settled in, a woman comes in and leads us to a huge hall, with hundreds of other girls. The woman gets up on stage, limping slightly.

“My name is Denise Kotto. I will be overlooking the training of all 150 of you. Some of you will work as maids and some of you will be taught to kill. Those of you who do not do your work properly or try to escape will be immediately shot dead. All of you are expected to stay in your rooms at all times, unless you are working. As all of you know, the Kotto family is ruthless, and we will not hesitate to kill anyone who comes in our way. Tomorrow morning report back here at 630 AM and we will start your training. Good day”

I shiver hearing her words, although it isn’t cold. There is no way to escape, and I will be stuck in this living hell forever. All of us quietly make our way to the cafeteria for dinner.

We get served a small piece of bread and a cup of dirty looking water. I somehow manage to swallow it without tasting it and I head back to my dormitory. On the way I see a young man with green eyes and black hair. He looks dangerous, like he may be able to kill, but at the same time he looks sweet, and handsome.

“What are you doing here? You should be in your dormitory.” He screams as me.

“Sir I was just going back to my dormitory sir, I’m sorry” I say, looking fearful.

“Well then get lost”. He snarls at me.

This man intimidates me, a lot. But there’s also something that somehow, attracts me to him. As I reach my dormitory, I see Bree, Ana and Madeline all staring at me, as if I grew another head.

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