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Teen romance but ends up wrapped around his little finger. Until she gets her freedom and speaks her story

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

I had said yes but now sitting here I felt motionless and like he was switching off every response that the human body tries to give out. There were people around that we were talking to I wasn’t going to create a scene. Why didn’t they know you asked, his sly fingers were covered by my school dress. This was him though a sneaky, sly, manipulating fuckboy but when we first met that was a covered by a guy that laughed at my jokes and seemed really into me. Some red flags I see looking back, would you say yes to someone that got sherbet on you while trying to ask you out. Maybe if you loved someone and could accept their mistakes I thought. The reality was more I didn’t matter because I was just another girl used for his own pleasure.

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