Blue Wings High

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chapter 15

Carter’s smile fades seeing Katy. He looks at her confused. “You’re dead! Get out of my head!” She smiles softly as Kay, Liv and Sam all formed around him.

“Carter, this is your fault!” Kay pointed her finger at him. “I can’t believe you killed me. Especially that way.” She shakes her head.

“It was him all along guys. He was the killer.” Sam looked at Carter. “You let him take over Carter. You let Theodore win.” Carter looked back at everyone his face growing pale. “He’s freaking crazy! It was him! All along. It’s always been you Carter!” Liv screamed. Kay, Katy, Liv, and Sam all closed in on Carter. He screams out holding himself. Everything vanishes around him.

Carter sits in a padded cell rocking back and forth mumbling to himself. The door opens from the outside. “Carter, it’s time for your medicine.” The nurse replies walking in. Carter lifts his head looking up at the nurse. “My friends! Where are they?”

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