Blue Wings High

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chapter 4

The cafeteria was finally finished. After a while Kay looked down at her stomach hearing it growl. A laugh escaped from her as she speaks. “Oh my God. Food!” Liv and Katy both laughed. “We’re hungry too.” Liv laughed looking around. “What do we do?” She sighs. “Let’s find the boys.” Katy replied pushing her sleeves up her arms. She looks down seeing her arms covered in goosebumps.

Why hasn’t she warmed up yet? She wondered to herself. With a shake of her head she shrugged it off not wanting to think too much on it. As the girls walked down the halls, lights began to flicker on and off. Katy looked scared looking at the hall lights watching them flicker. What was this? What was going on? She wondered to herself not paying attention to Kay or Liv. They talked amongst themselves not being aware of the blinking lights. Was Katy the only one seeing this? Did Kay and Liv not care?

The girls reached the room the boys were in. None of them were in the room. The girls looked around. “Guys?” Liv says putting her hands on her hips frowning.

Carter and Sam were in the hall ways. They laughed coming up to the door. Carter leans his head in seeing the girls were looking for them. With a smirk on his face he winked at Sam turning the lights off.

The room fills with darkness. Katy screams bloody murder getting freaked out due to earlier, the scream caused the other girls to scream also. Carter bursts out laughing falling over holding his stomach. Sam shakes his head. “Are you guys okay?” He asks turning the lights back on.

Katy shook her head clearing her throat leaving the room. “Excuse me.” Katy spoke softly going out into the hallway. Kay and Liv both nodded. “Carter, that wasn’t funny. We’re here alone and Katy’s already had a rough day.” Kay says walking out into the hallway to find Katy. Liv followed behind glaring at Carter.

Carter laughs more holding his stomach. “Dude, that really wasn’t funny. We are here alone and doing things like that isn’t funny.” Carter looked up at Sam shaking his head. “Ah come on. It was funny. We gotta live a little, it’s school, it’s not like a psycho will be here trying to kill teenagers.” He scoffs standing up walking into the hallway.

Sam furrowed his eyebrows thinking. There was that one student. But was that even real? He shook his head laughing to himself. “Sam, it’s not real. Just a made up story to scare us.” He walks out into the hallway seeing everyone but Katy. “Guys? Where is Katy?” Sam asked seeing everyone look back at him confused.

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