Blue Wings High

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chapter 8

Liv turned around looking at Kay with a confused expression. “What?” She asked placing her arms over her chest.

Kay shook her head. “I.. I thought I saw her. Katy, I saw Katy.” “Where?” Liv looked around. Kay shakes her head. “She was there then she was gone.” “Which way did you see her go?” Kay’s eyes grew wide. “No, not like that. I meant, like a ghost.”

Liv began to laugh. “Kay, this isn’t funny. This has gone on for to long now.” “Liv, I swear! I have no idea what is going on.” As Kay speaks the lights flicker in the hallway Katy shows up looking back at Liv and Kay. Kay’s eyes grew wide in fear. “Liv, she.. Katy.” Was all Kay was able to say as she lifts her hand pointing behind Liv.

She turns around slowly seeing Katy. “Katy! What the hell? That wasn’t funny, that shit you pulled.” She crossed her arms looking at Katy.

Katy had a blank expression on her face. Her eyes grew wide as she takes a deep breath. “You two need to get out of here! Now! He will kill you next!” Katy screamed causing the lights to flicker.

Kay and Liv ran stumbling on their feet. “Don’t look back! Keep going!” Katy hollered fading away. The lights continued to flicker a demonic laughter sounded behind them.

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