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Chapter 1

Ivy ran past the Alpha’s office, tears streaming down her cheeks. She ran down the stairs, her feet making loud stomps as she did so. Sprinting to the back door, Ivy's long black hair waved in the air behind her as she flung open the door and ran behind a tree. Her breathing was uneven as she thought of her small yet beautiful, multi-colored wolf. Some would even mistake her wolf form as a mutt looking dog.

Ivy's bones snapped, moved and reshaped themselves into the form of her wolf. Then just as her fur began to sprout, she heard the back door opening and footsteps pounding in her direction. "There! Behind the tree! Shit, she's changed sir!" One of the men in the pack had shouted.

She took off right as he finished his sentence not recognizing who it was that said those words. She hoped to make as much distance between them as possible, Ivy ran through the forest as thorns dug into her thick fur leaving behind small tufts of fur. Growling softly she pushed and pushed herself forcing her short limbs to move faster, low hanging branches wiped her in the face and raked across her already aching body. The only thing that she could think was, to keep moving faster and faster. Because if she was caught then they would not be happy with her at all. The trees started to thin out slowly and it seemed like forever when Ivy started to see more and more buildings. Keeping to the back yards and out of the streets her pace slowed to a light jog.

Her breathing heavy as she glanced behind her, no one that she could see was behind her. She was safe and out of sight, for now. Ivy snuck through each yard as quietly as possible as the sun began to set. She hoped that no humans would be out and about around this time. Though as much as she had hoped, there was no telling just when the humans would make an appearance.

Oftentimes they proved to be quite unpredictable. Ivy stalked up the side of a tan colored house, occasionally glancing back making sure no one was following her. The pack that she left must be furious with her. Ivy was almost sure of it.

She sat down and started to gently lick her wounds from the sharp thorns and briars that happened to pick her skin. Those were definitely gonna sting later.

A door to the back of the house, Ivy sat next too creaked open. In a panic she froze mid lick, the kid that came out looked to be about 16 or 17 years old with an average build. The boy dragged out a black garbage bag and was heading towards her when he finally looked up and froze. Ivy scrambled backward a few feet, suddenly aware of his stare on her multi colored pelt.

She looked like a large mutt to the boy, he could only assume that she was a cross between a German Shepard and other various large dog breeds. Never once did the options of wolf, or werewolf cross the boy's mind. "Er… I - mom!" He shouted making Ivy flinch, and back up a few more feet. The mother of the teenage boy showed up in a robe, her hair pitch black in the surrounding darkness.

"Oh lord! Issac, back away from the stray! It could have rabies." The boy followed his mother's instructions hesitantly, making Ivy growl softly from irritation. 'Rabies! Pfft.' Ivy thought that was rather unnecessary. The next thing she knew the woman had her phone out, and started to dial a number.

"... Hello? Ah, yes hello there is this stray here and it has scared my son greatly and we are afraid it has a disease or possibly rabies! Oh, do send someone soon! Thanks!" With that she ended the call and yanked her son backward with her. "Dear go inside. This thing could attack you." Ivy rolled her eyes and turned away from the family. Thinking to herself Ivy thought that if she had wanted too they'd both be dead. She may be a runt and a disgrace to her family but that didn't mean she couldn't defend herself correctly.
She trotted to the front of the house and glanced from side to side. No cars out this late, how strange. Ivy glanced back at the mother who only glared at her, sniffing the air. The only scents detected were of trash, and humans. Not her favorite scents but at least it wasn't werewolf scent. Stretching her front legs out in front of her, Ivy then sprinted across the road.

Walking down the sidewalk, Ivy could now see the mother with her phone out again. But this time she looked to be taking a photo. Growling loud enough for her to hear it, Ivy glared and bared her teeth in the woman's direction.

Though before Ivy had the chance to even think about attacking the brainless woman, a white truck with cages lined along the back of the bed pulled up in the woman's driveway. Instantly Ivy cursed in her thoughts, as two men hopped out and gathered two white sticks with noose like rope at the ends of them. Ivy knew what was gonna happen and she was gonna have to let it happen otherwise they'd suspect something. The last thing any werewolf wants is to be discovered, because the humans will surely try and run DNA tests. Then there goes her family and likely most of the pack.

Eyes narrowed she stood there watching as the two men carried each a white stick with the rope at the bottom. One was very overweight looking like he had trouble even walking, the other had a beer belly and freakishly pale skin. Both moved at a slow pace as not to spook the wolf that they viewed as a mutt looking dog. Ivy watched them cautiously acting like a shy yet curious stray dog. She figured she should act like she once had been a pet, though that would never happen. The two men crept closer inch by inch until they were about 4 feet away from Ivy. Ivy shied away from them slightly, a plan conjuring up in her wicked thoughts. One of them noted a change in her body language and pulled out a small looking gun, likely had some bullets in it Ivy guessed.

As the man was about to aim the gun at her she swerved just as he shot, Ivy managed to escape it but it caught the tip of her fur on her tail not doing any real damage. She lunged at him before he could reload the gun, she growled loudly, her teeth sinking deep in his arm. The other man ran to their truck in fear, then the next thing she heard was an ear piercing scream. Snapping her head to the side she yanked the man's arm with her, hearing the crunch of bone as he tried to pull away; he cried out in pain.

The boy and his mother stood close by. His mother aimed her shot-gun at Ivy and pumped it once, loading the bullet in the barrel. Ivy’s eyes widened as the next thing she knows the boy, tried to yank away the gun from his mother. But he was too late, his mother shot Ivy. Ivy didn’t know where but she just knew pain erupted from some part of her body.

Her vision went black, Ivy’s hearing went next, everything was muffled, all her senses were screwed up, she couldn’t do anything even if she tried. The boy ran across the street, tears pricking the corners of his vision, as he clutched onto the werewolf’s blood covered pelt. Blood seeped from the fresh wounds but Ivy seemed to have passed out by the time the boy tried to wake her and get her up. But all his attempts seemed to have failed, Ivy laid in the grass in front of someone's yard bleeding out slowly.

Time then seemed to pass quickly, Ivy was soon loaded up into one of the cages in the back of the white truck. As they left an ambulance arrived for the man Ivy had managed to tear at the arm of. She was sure he’d need stitches at the very least. Ivy blacked out in the back of the white truck, and once the human took a look at her, he knew that she wouldn’t have long before her life was cut short. Shortly after seeing her he called in the veterinarians that worked at the shelter.

Jolting forward in her bed Ivy had sweat dripping down her forehead. “What the hell…” She mumbled out before she got a searing headache. “Dad?!” Ivy called out just as her best friend Riley came in slamming the door open, which only made Ivy’s headache worse.

“Oh goodness! You’ve been sleeping all day! Why was I not aware of this earlier?” Riley cursed under her breath and stomped over to Ivy's bed. “Come on, out ya’ go! All that partying you did last night must not have been good for your brain.”

Ivy arched an eyebrow, rubbing the sleepiness from her eyes. “Party? Wasn’t that like last weekend though and-” She remembered her would from the shot-gun. “Shit.” She breathed a sigh of relief when she didn’t find any wound. “What happened?” Ivy half asked herself and half her friend.
“Uh duh! Don’t you remember anything? We went to that party at the new kids house and ended up getting completely wasted. And in your case probably a concussion and likely memory loss considering the way you're acting.

“What? So wait I didn’t get shot with a shot- gun? And there was no crazy woman or her son? A- and I didn’t leave yet… B- but it felt so real....” Ivy shook her head in disbelief, “No it was real it had to have been.” She glanced up at Riley who was now looking at Ivy like she had gone insane.

“Er I think I’m gonna go get the doctor. I think something in that glass of alcohol did something to your sanity.” Riley muttered the last part but Ivy still heard it well enough.

Ivy snapped her head in Riley’s direction. “What! No, I am NOT crazy! Stop this prank you must be pulling on me! It did happen I felt it! I- I saw it happen with my own eyes!” Ivy stood quickly, not quite believing this was happening to her. “No, no, no, it happened. It had to have happened. There is no way it didn’t happen.” Then the next thing she knew she was knocked out again. Though this time by the hand of, who she thought was her best friend. Clearly not anymore though.

Ivy groaned as she tried to get up but failed. She turned her head to look from side to side only to find that her hands and ankles were restrained in leather straps. “Shit,” Ivy groaned again as a bright light filled her vision. She let her vision adjust as she took in her surroundings. The room she was in looked to be a light grey padded room with only a small window on the door only big enough to fit an arm through.

Ivy glared as she saw her ex- best friend standing talking to someone on the other side of the small glass window. “Little-” She was about to spit out the next word when a doctor, her father, and her ex- best friend came into the room. Ivy glared her eyes at all of them, “What is the meaning of all this?!” She spat out, venom seeming to lace her tone when she spoke to the small group.

Her father who is the beta of the pack looked at her with newfound disappointment. He simply shook his head and his eyes held a certain sadness she couldn't quite place. The doctor stepped forward, and Ivy recognized her as the packs mental health therapist who also specializes in medicine. "You, my dear are not well. Do you remember your mother at all?" Ivy narrowed her eyes, irritated from the sensitive topic of her mother.

"And- What does she have anything to do with this situation." Ivy snapped rudely. "I was always told to never bring up the subject,” She snapped her gaze sharply to her father, accusing him of many crimes only her father and Ivy knew of. Her father lowered his gaze to the floor otherwise he never moved.

The doctor cleared her throat, “hm. Right well, your mother was very ill before she- Er, before she was killed. And I don’t mean like she had a cold ill, I mean she wasn’t right in the head dear. So as a precaution we will be running various tests to see if you're mentally stable, dear.”

Ivy bared her teeth at her irritated, muttering to herself she groaned under her breath . "Of course they think I'm crazy, why wouldn't they?" The doctor didn't seem to hear her which was good for Ivy. "Right. Well doc, how long will this take then? Because I've got a few important things to take care of." Putting a smile on her face, Ivy tried her best to act not like a total lunatic today. Her father and her ex-best friend left the room leaving the doctor and Ivy all to themselves.

The doctor kept a neutral expression on her face, though when she would glance at Ivy, Ivy knew the doctor felt nervous just being in Ivy's presence. Ivy smirked but otherwise kept her face neutral and emotionless. The doctor then mumbled something just quiet enough so that Ivy couldn’t hear what she had said. The smirk never leaving Ivy’s face she kept an eye on the doctor, as she tested the straps holding her hostage.

Ivy found that the straps were all tightened except for her one hand. Ivy thought to herself her smirk widening, ‘Perfect.’ Her hand slipped right through the loosened strap, Ivy thought her regular fingernails into sharper wolf-like nails that are stronger and sharper than the typical werewolves claws.
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