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Local scientist, Kosmos, needs to find a way to help the inhabitants of Tineia, a planet filled to the brim with all kinds of harnessable energy, after a war broke their peaceful and happy spirits. She finds a new way of conducting research. By putting two test subjects through vigorous testing. However, using human life for personal gain is as morally objectionable as it is impractical.

Thriller / Fantasy
Cosmic Event
Age Rating:

Part 1: Abrir,ó auøm dorêm

Solve this riddle

━━✦ ☆ ✫ ☆ ✦━━

“Kosmos, what are you thinking about?” The doctor inquired.
“Nothing important at the moment.” Kosmos sighed
“Kosmos…” Dr. Haze looked at her, she’s spacing out.

“I’m not okay, no one is okay. We defeated Beamot and still nothing is back to normal. Its concerning. Not just to me but to the leaders too.” She crosses her arms over the table and looks to her left, deep in thought. She hated the situation and everything it entailed.
“I don’t know what to do anymore. I always did and now…” Kosmos’ mind races

“I’m sorry that I cannot help you with this dear.”
“No one can!” She shouted with vigour as she angrily jumped up from her chair
“No one can help me the one time I need help from others while I’ve literally lost an eye, all my fingers and so many friends trying to help them, but no! The one time I need help from others, they are all just too depressed and won’t even get out of their houses unless they...” She made circle motions with her hand and gave an annoyed look to show irritation. “Want to go eat, or need to take a bath in the sea or something stupid.”

In her mind millions of thoughts are still racing and not a single one was able to land

“You don’t look to happy either.”
“Of course I’m not happy, can’t you see I’m freaking out!” She stomps her feet, childlike. The more thoughts rushed by the more nervous she’s getting.

“What do I need to do?”
Dr. Haze looks worried at the crazy woman “Kosmos you’re overreacting”
What?! Kosmos can not believe what she heard. Rage starting building. Her face looks she could’ve committed war crimes.

“40 hours.” She exclaims “It took me 40 hours to forgive and forget about the war. If there’s anyone who has true talent for… For being okay and having reasonable reactions about stuff it’s me! And you know why I forgave and forgot? Because Beamot told me why he attacked us.”

Kosmos keeps pacing around making weird gestures with her hands. Not that it helps the doctor understand that continuous rambling of hers but it is enough for him to try to diffuse the situation before she blows up.

“Kosmos your mind is in a daze, you need to calm down. This is no state of mind for a scientist”

This remark made Kosmos absolutely livid.
How dare he! Why is he thinking that he knows the slightest about my own damn emotions! Her mind screamed at her.

Her eyes began glowing a white green colour while a static hum started ringing. The energy within her started leaking and radiating. Lines of colour moved around her body and through her feet as she raises it from the floor another time,


Without giving it any thought she sends a shockwave in her foot through the floor by stomping on it at last. It immediately began ripping, the windows cracked as did the walls. The entire interior shakes heavily while it carries the shock of fury Kosmos needs to release.

She takes a few heavy breaths and slowly calms down.”Aoh!” She blurted out,“Did I do it again?”, she brings her prosthetic fingers up to her nose bridge and massages it gently.

She moves her hand and started to draw the Tineian symbol for material in the air, the cracks started to fade and dissolve.

“Sorry for the damage…” She frowns, trying to avoid the doctor’s gaze “But, I’m not overreacting”

Kosmos wiped the symbol out of the air. Still avoiding the doctor‘s gaze, she sat back down.
“I just want to people of Tineia to be happy, they deserve it after all.”

The doctor says nothing. Kosmos says nothing. The silence is killing them both.

━━✦ ☆ ✫ ☆ ✦━━

After a while of them sitting silently, Kosmos decides to leave. “If you find a way please contact me.” The doctor nods slightly. Avidly, she walks out of the room while putting on her coat.

The grass below her shoes squelched and the wind blew her curly hair past her cheeks as she walked over the tiny plains.
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