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Werewolves Don't Cry

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2 | Curious Horny Teenagers

After the never-ending booming sounds of music, Jesse moved to a quieter territory—the woods.

The music faded with each advancing footstep. Dry ferns crunched underneath. Trees with enormous trunks and full leaves allowed little moonlight to pass through, illuminating just enough of the dirt trail.

Jesse turned around. A small but teasing smile crept upon his lips.

“So. What do you think?”

Kai was right behind him. He removed a branch from his way and let his hazel eyes wander around for a moment.

“It’s too dark here.”


Jesse took a step forward, looking at the ground. He raised his chin to meet Kai eye to eye. Once he was close enough, he slowly brought his arms over Kai’s shoulders and wrapped them around him.

“Jesse, what are you doing?”

The breathtaking gesture took him by surprise. Kai felt weak in the knees. There he was, in front of a gorgeous boy who’s watching him intensely with ocean-blue hypnotic eyes. Smooth touches brushed his neck in a teasingly desirable way.

How could he resist such temptation?

“Come on,” Jesse tilted his head with a playful shrug. “Don’t act like you didn’t hit on me by the pool.”

“I did?”

Jesse laughed softly. Then he stopped to peer into Kai’s confused stare.

“You totally did.”

Kai furrowed his brows, striving to remember, but Jesse didn’t let him. He attached his topless body with Kai’s, skin to skin. The heat running in Kai’s blood moved to his cheeks, turning them reddish.

“I-I—.” Kai gulped. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“You won’t.” Jesse’s excitement was about to wither because of Kai’s resistance. “What’s the matter?”

He rubbed himself at Kai to tempt him. Jesse was persistent. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would take no for an answer. Whenever he noticed some delicious meat, he wouldn’t stop pursuing it until he tastes it. This time, It was a yummy, handsome basketball player.

Jesse nibbled at Kai’s earlobe, sending a tingly feeling all over.

Kai released a trembling breath, ending with a moan.

“Don’t you want this?”

“I...” Kai placed his hands on Jesse’s back to embrace him. “I really do.”

Jesse grinned wide enough to show his white teeth.

He won.

Under the thin rays of the moon, a little further into the shadowy woods, Jesse and Kai shared a kiss. It was a slow, uncertain one, but once they parted, their warm breaths worked like a magnet, joining them back together. The wails of the cool wind and the hoot of the owls couldn’t separate them. The second kiss turned into more kisses, heated and passionate. Their hands caressed each other.

Jesse pushed for more. Once he tasted Kai, his mind went crazy for more.

Kai shoved Jesse into the ground, blocking what would have been a painful landing with his hands.

“Ow,” Jesse groaned.

“Sorry,” Kai breathed. “You’re so hot.”

“I know,” said Jesse, panting, as he arched his neck for Kai to kiss it. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

First time making out with a boy. It was so satisfying. It did not feel weird at all for Jesse. However, he wasn’t ready to come out to his friends and family yet.

“Don’t tell anybody about this.”

“Mhm,” was all Kai could mumble, for he was too absorbed into Jesse’s sexiness.

Wolves howled in the distance. The ground trembled momentarily. Owls flew away. All of that wasn’t enough to distract the boys.

Warmth radiated from their half-naked bodies. The way Kai aggressively took over the steamy makeout session startled Jesse but also excited him. It was a new, wild experience for him. The perfect farewell to his high school years.

The wolves howled again, but louder.

Kai paused. “Did you hear that?” He looked around nervously.

“No. Now, come here.” Jesse pulled him back.

Lips connected for a hungry kiss. Kai’s hand moved through layers of Jesse’s hair to feel their soothing softness. In moments, the soft caress became more firm. The tender kiss deepened, forcing sounds of pleasure out of both boys.

The howls echoed, closer this time.

Kai moved away from Jesse. Eyes darted at every path.

Jesse huffed while staring at the stars. A grumpy expression twisted his attractive features.

“I’m sorry, Jesse, but that was super close. Did you hear it?”

“This is humiliating.”

Jesse pushed himself up, grappled with his messy hair to remove a stuck straw, then tapped the dust off his shorts.

“Kai.” Jesse folded his arms over his chest. “If you don’t want to do it, just say so.”

Kai’s eyes were wild and large, ready to pick up signs of any presence. His ears were alert. His back bent, ready to attack.

“No. It’s not that. Listen.”

The barks and howls thundered. Those were not just any wolves. They were traveling together in a pack.

Kai flinched “You see? I told you they’re near!”

“Don’t be such a sissy.” Jesse scoffed. “They’re far away. Wolves don’t come near populated places, let alone a party like that.” He pointed in the direction of the house.

Kai wasn’t paying attention to Jesse and his words. He was standing scared, observing the darkness around him, and that pissed Jesse off so much.

“I’m leaving.” Jesse turned around and started walking out of the woods.

“Wait.” Kai patted on his pockets as if checking what was inside them. “Wait!”

Jesse stared back at Kai with a heavy sigh. “What?”

“Have you seen my phone? I think I lost it.”

Jesse stood baffled with wide eyes. He was expecting an apology for the way he was treated, willing to give Kai another chance, but when Kai started talking about his phone, Jesse snapped. He was not used to being ignored.

He yelled at Kai in his gruffest voice, “Maybe it’s up your ass!”

“Woah.” The voice was so angry it made kai almost trip backward. “Come on, Jesse. Don’t be such a baby.” Kai got on his knees, sweeping his hands on the soil to find his phone. “Help me out. Flash me some light.”

“You’re on your own.”

“Jesse?” Kai shouted with his head deep into the search. “Jesse!”

Too late. Jesse was long gone.

“Where’s that damn ph—” Kai raised his hand in victory with his phone in it. “Aha!”

Tree leaves fell. Twigs snapped.

Kai froze, still on his knees. Something was sharing the same ground as him, probably a few feet away. He felt its eyes watching behind his back.

Low growls came from the direction he was facing, rapid shallow breaths from the left, and swift movements to his right.

Kai slowly got up to his feet, hugging the phone to his chest, careful not to make any sudden movements. He focused on the darkness in front of him, like a person waiting for death. His breathing became difficult, ragged, scratching his throat. Droplets of sweat covered his forehead.

He wanted to walk away, but his legs wouldn’t budge.

The petrifying noises surrounded him.

The hair on the nape of his neck rose when a growl rumbled just a couple of steps behind him.

He slowly turned around, shaking.

His eyes snapped wide open at the sight of a towering beast on two legs blocking the way. It had glowing eyes, dark fur, and stood as large as a bear. It had a face, but it wasn’t obvious in the shadows.

The creature roared.

Kai screamed at the top of his lungs. Finally freeing his legs, he ran in the other direction, dropping his phone on the way.


Kai shoved away branches and jumped over roots, unable to catch his breath as he broke through the heart of the woods at full speed. His mind was occupied with the basic instinct to run, to survive. He didn’t even feel the scratches inflicted on his arms and legs from colliding with spiky parts of the trees.

He encountered another one of these creatures face-to-face, but this time it stood on all four. Could it be the same one from before? He couldn’t tell. He avoided it by taking a turn, not knowing where the hell he was anymore. He couldn’t see the lights or hear the music of the party. He must be deep inside the woods.

“Help! Somebody, help me!”

No matter how hard he screamed, no one could hear him.

The grumbles and stomps of a heavy animal were right behind him, gaining on him. He never dared to look back, just kept running.

To his last breath, he would keep running.

Until he’s safe, he would keep on running.

I can’t let them catch me, he thought, but they did.

A claw slashed his leg.

Kai fell with a grunt and rolled over a few times until he ended up on his stomach. He shut his eyes and groaned, clutching his abdomen from the impact. He gasped in and out while reaching for his injured leg. He clutched it with shaking fingers. Blood trickled down, mixing with the tiny drops of dew on the surface of the grass beneath him.

Kai was on the verge of tears.

The pain was intolerable. This injury would definitely prevent him from running anymore.

Suddenly, laughter and other over-excited sounds of joy circled him. It sounded almost human but gruff. Humanoid bears—that’s what Kai thought—who cackle like hyenas and howl like wolves had taken a sickening interest in him.

He was surrounded.

Kai hugged himself and stayed put. He didn’t want to open his eyes. He was afraid, alone, and hurt. Tears rolled down his freckled face.

The predators roamed around, stepping closer each second with crazy laughs until Kai felt their breaths warming the air right above his head.

He tightened his arms over him as a shield and cried.

“Lord, have mercy on my soul.”


Police found 18-years-old Kai Jennings dead in a wooded area behind a residence in Bullitt County, according to a statement from Kentucky State Police.

Autopsy reports from state medical examiners confirmed the teenager died from “suspected injuries associated with an animal attack.” It’s still unclear what type of animal might have been involved.

Kai was last seen at a party in Millionaire Carlos Montero’s summer house last week. This has been the second tragic death by wild animals the residents of Louisville, KY have witnessed this year.

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