Comfortably Numb

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Chapter 29

We stand together for a long time, just getting lost in one another. I enjoy every breath, every shock of electricity, every moment of sweet blissful contented silence. All of my worries have slipped away and all I can think about is Ryker.

Arrow startles me, coming out of nowhere to scream "Finally!"

I jump away from Ryker, and he growls as my body slips away from his. I send him a smile over my shoulder, and he pouts at me.

"Andy" I shiver at the rough sound of his voice but before I can say anything Arrow fake gags. I turn to smile at her. She rolls her eyes but smiles wide back at me.

"I'm happy for you guys, don't get me wrong, I just don't want to see or hear all the lovey dovey crap that I can see is dying to pour out of you." She sticks her tongue out at her brother before smiling back at me. Ryker takes a step closer to me and wraps his arm around my waist, tugging me back into his chest. I don't fight him, still mesmerized by the fact that HE is MY mate.

"You're just jealous because you and your mate can't figure your shit out." He speaks over my shoulder.

My jaw falls open and I turn to look at him. He smiles and raises his eyebrow at my shocked expression.

"Arrow's found her mate?" I press into his mind. He smirks at me and nods. I gasp and he laughs, nodding his head at the picture in my mind.

Arrow glowers at her brother. "Shut up." She grouches at him. My head is still whirling, surprised at the connection I've just made. She glances down at me and frowns.

"What?" I shake my head and smile at her.

"Y-you and Rowan are mates!" I laugh. She stops breathing and her face flicks from extremely pale to bright red.

"W.....what?" She sputters. I nod and reach out for her hands. "A-aren't you?" I question. Her face flames hotter.

"N-no!!" She stutters. Behind her, there is a crash and then the sound of someone stomping towards us from the living room. I recognize the scent as Rowans. I can't help the giggle at his expression.

"What?" He booms. Arrow jumps and whirls to look at him.

"What?" She repeats. His jaw ticks.

"We ARE mates." He bites out. Arrow throws her hands into the air.

"No, you rejected me!" She whirls back around to face me. She glares at me and I frown. I flick my eyes up to Ryer, confused about what she means and he smiles at me.

"Rowan shifted before Arrow and found out they were mates. He freaked out and didn't tell her, and when she shifted she found out for herself. But by that point... the damage was done." He shrugs.

Arrow growls.

"It's more complicated than that!" She grouches. I turn back to her and she is glaring at the floor.

"He shifted and found out we were supposed to be mates-" "We ARE mates!" Arrow ignores him. "And then he stopped talking to me and forced my brother to stop talking to me. And he wouldn't even tell me why no matter how many times I begged him. And then I shifted and found out we were supposed to be mates-" "We ARE mates!" "And it broke my heart that he didn't want me. And then only AFTER Ryker found you did he start trying to get me to be his mate."

"That's not true! I've been trying to earn back your trust since you shifted!"

She turns and glares at him before turning back to me. "You know it's not fair." She kicks at the floor. I frown deeper and she lifts her head.

"What d-do you mean?" She sighs. "You get to be happy with an arguably OK mate-"Ryker scoffs but she ignores him, "And I get stuck with this stupid problem!" She waves her hands at Rowan.
"I'm not a problem!" Rowan shrieks out behind her.

I shake my head at the two of them. Rowan is glaring at Arrow and Arrow is glaring at the floor again.

"W-why did you stop talking to Arrow after you s-shifted?" His eyes jump to me before he flushes and lowers his gaze to his shoes.

"Ahandbfmsj" he mumbles. Arrow whirles around to look at him. "What?" She yells. He groans and rubs his foot back and forth in front of him.

"I was freaked out ok! She was my best friend" he flicks his eyes up to Ryker behind me and shakes his head. "Well, one of my best friends. And then I shifted and everything was all... screwy!" He spits the last word. I roll my eyes. Arrow narrows hers before turning back to look at me.

"Screwy?" She mouths at me. I shrug, gesturing for her to look at Rowan, for he has all the answers. She clenches her jaw, looks over her shoulder and then flicks her gaze back to me.

"God dammit." She curses and then stomps away. I sigh and pull myself out of the safety of Ryker's arms. He growls but I shake my head at him and follow after his obviously distraught sister.

"We'll finish our conversation later then?" He calls after me. I laugh and float away, feeling as if in this moment, everything will turn out alright.

I follow Arrow into her bedroom. She has thrown herself diagonally across the bed, and I can hear her muttering the word "screwy" in different inflections over and over again.

"A-are you ok?" I sink onto the floor beside her head.

She growls into the pillow her face is pressed against.

"I just.." she mumbles into her pillow. I gently twist her to face me, pulling her ear. She swatts my hand away and sits up. Once she sees where I am sitting, she slides off the bed to sit cross legged beside me.
"Do you know that that's the first time he's called us mates?" I shake my head. She heaves in a deep breath through her nose.

"He knows what I am to him, I know what he is to me, everyone in the pack knows- I guess it was just never acknowledged out loud....And now that he has I feel so much worse than before." I nod, encouraging her to go on. A tear runs down her face.
"Why did he have to let it go all screwy?" She spits the word. I chuckle and she turns to glare at me.
"Oh laugh it up. Just because your mate isn't a total jackass!" I smile at her.

"How o-old was Rowan when he s-shifted the first time?" She furrows her brows.

"13 I think?" I nod. "And h-how old were you?" She shrugs. "It was just before my 14th birthday. Ryker shifted a lot earlier than me though...." I shrug, not really concerned about Ryker at this point in time.

"I-is it possible... that things went all s-screwy because you went from being his f-friend to his mate, which I hear is a pretty p-permanent commitment, and t-that scared him a bit?"

"So?" I sigh. "Isn't it p-possible that he was f-freaked out because suddenly you m-meant more to him than anything else, and h-he w-wasn't prepared to deal with that?"

"Where were you five years ago?" She shrieks. I smile at her outburst and reach up to start braiding my hair. She watches me for a second.

"I'm scared that that isn't why he walked away from me..." She whispers. I frown at her. "What d-do you mean?" She bites her lip.

"Well... what if he walked away from me because he didn't want me, not because he was freaked out that we found each other so young?"

"It was never like that!" Rowan calls from the other side of the door. Arrow narrows her eyes at the piece of wood, but he continues, unable to see her death glare. "I was afraid that you would want to be mates right away! And my wolf wasn't any help because he wanted us to be with you all the time... I was worried that I was going to do something that I wasn't ready for, and it would make everything worse!"

"I would have understood!" She yells. "It was weird for me too! And it was even worse because I was basically Rejected!" I bite my lip. She continues on, "stop talking to me, make my brother stop talking to me, tell me I'm being weird when I ask why you're ignoring me....Stupid mate. Stupid dumb boy that makes me want to punch his face. All I ever wanted back then was to have the people I cared about around me and you took that from me!" I roll my eyes. If she wants to talk to him, she should just talk to him. I try to stand up but she grabs my arm, wide eyed.

"M-maybe we should let him in?" I ask. She shakes her head and I sigh.

"L-look, Row...." she nods for me to continue. "Y-you can stay in here all evening, talking a-about him, or you can t-talk to him...." she bites her lip, before smiling widely at me.

"I choose to talk about him." I hear twin groans just outside of her bedroom door, and can't hold back the laugh.

"You're going to have to talk to me sometime!" Rowan calls through the door again.

"You're going to have to talk to me sometime!" Arrow mimics in a squeaky voice. I roll my eyes at her.

She sighs before focusing back on me. "He's an idiot. A truly massive idiot. It's not like I would have wanted to complete the mating back then. We were kids! I just wanted to keep being his friend." I nod, not questioning what she means by completing the mating. Something tells me that I just am not ready to hear all those particulars. "And you know what? It was the worst feeling in the world after I had shifted for the first time and he bumped into me in the backyard.... the world fell away and my wolf went crazy screaming that he was mine! And then..." a tear falls. "He turned and walked away. His eyes got all wide and he sucked in a huge breath, and he didn't say anything he just turned and walked away like nothing had changed for him. My wolf didn't understand what was happening, and she was so angry with me and so hurt...." She wipes her hand against her face angrily. "I guess that nothing had changed for him...."

"Everything had changed for me!" Rowan calls from outside her door. I shake my head at the stupidity of the situation. They should be the ones talking, but Arrow is stubborn. "Everything melted away and all I could think about was you, all the time. And it freaked me out! You went from being-" "shut up!" Arrow interrupts. I roll my eyes at her.

"Arrow he just wants to explain himself to you-" "Oh no you don't Ryker! You're no better! You took his side and stopped talking to me too so you can just sit there quietly and try not to piss me off for the first time in your life!"

"H-he's right, Arrow. You n-need to hear what he has to say." I whisper. She whirls her head to face me.

"Judas!" I raise my hands up in surrender.

"Come on Arrow, open the door!" Rowan calls again.

Arrow turns to stick her tongue out at him childishly
"Y-you know he can't see that, right?" She shrugs and focuses back on me.

"Eh, it makes me feel better." I roll my eyes again, but smile.

"Do you want to be with him?" I push into her mind. She turns back to look at the door.
"I'm scared to answer that..." she breathes back. I shake my head.

"If he hadn't have been all weird-" "screwy!" She interrupts. I roll my eyes again.
"Fine, screwy. Would you guys be together right now?" She shoots a snarky look at me and then buries her head in her hands.
"Probably." She mutters. I smile at her.

"W-well...There's your answer. M-might as well stop fighting it." I speak out loud. She groans and flings herself onto her back. "I figure you m-must be exhausted from hating him all the t-time, why not give l-loving him a chance? Can't make things any w-worse."

"I know we're going to end up together! It's inevitable! And the mate bond is really hard to fight!" She groans. "But I would really like to make him suffer for a little while longer, thank you very much." She confesses. I shake my head at her, amused.

"I'll suffer as long as you want, as long as we're still going to end up together." Rowan bellows through the door again. She whips up to glare at the wooden structure, and I shake my head at the two. "I'll wait for you forever." He finishes softly. I hear something hit the door quietly, and I can practically see him resting his forehead against his mates door.

"Awww...." I breathe. "You know, you being so supportive of him winning me back really doesn't help my cause." She whines. I chuckle. "Well what can I s-say, I'm definitely teem Arran." "You gave us a couple name?" She whines again. I chuckle and shrug. I hear the boys laughing on the other side of the door.

Arrow sighs and leans back onto the floor again.

After a second she gets a devious smirk on her face.
"So it seems like you and Ryker are moving along nicely!" She teases. I feel my face flood with colour.
"I d-don't know what you mean." She wiggles her eyebrows at me.

"It's only a matter of time until you have a nice little bite mark and a baby on the way!" My throat closes up and the world spins for a second. I shove at her side with my toe and she squeals. Managing a slow deep breath, I prod her again.

"S-shut up." I scold. She laughs again, harder this time. "Hey, it's not my fault you guys are already sharing memories. What else have you been Sharing, hmm? Beds? Feelings? Bodily fluids?" She wiggles her eyebrows at me again and I flush deeper.

I can feel Ryker shining with pride, lust and something I'm not willing to identify behind the door and I scowl over my shoulder in his direction.
"I think it's time we sever this connection." I growl into his mind. In return I Hear- and feel- him Boom with laughter. I roll my eyes and focus back on my best friend. She smiles up at me.

"I'm glad you're Ryker's mate." She pauses and smiles even bigger at me. "And I'm especially glad you finally know!" I laugh and yank down a pillow from her bed, whacking her once it's in my grip. She squeals before jumping to grab her own pillow, whacking me back.

We giggle and start hitting each other wherever we can reach. Suddenly, two more pillows are thrown into the mix and I smile as both Ryker and Rowan join in on the fun, turning this pillow fight into an all out war.

We all screech and squeal, flinging the squishy pillows into one another hard enough to bruise. Arrow and I join together to cause the most damage to the boys and they retaliate in turn.

An hour later, we collapse onto the floor completely tired out.

"Well," Rowan gasps for air, "I can see why girls always do that during sleepovers."
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