The Seven Brides

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A man that has lived alone with his thoughts his whole life, is about to change that, with seven brides, he will not be alone anymore, and, he will have the happiness he wishes for.... Or so he thinks

Thriller / Action
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Chapter 1

Name: Sarah Lockwood, Age: 30, Status: Single, Address: 1718 walnut street, Northern iland.

I was walking home. It was 10:54? 55? I’m not sure... I felt as if someone was walking behind me, I looked to see if anyone was following me... There he was. He was about 6 foot tall... His clothes were black. All black. I couldn’t see his face, it was too dark to see. I was walking normally so he wouldn’t suspect a thing, but I started to fasten my pace... Bad idea. He noticed I was walking faster, and so did he, he turned to another street... I was relieved. I didn’t worry much and just started walking, in a matter of seconds, when I was about to turn around to my street, he appeared in front of me, my body became heavy, my heart started beating fast, I couldn’t scream. I felt something hit my head... I’m not sure of what it was, after that.... After that...
“After that, he picked me up, and threw me in his car and brought me here” a man said.

I was tied to bed, feet and hands. I could still move some. I heard someone coming... I could see him... He was banging on metal bars with a metal bar... The sound was loud and my head hurt... Not like a headache, but it hurt as if it was bleeding...
“Hello” He then chuckled and I started to scream, but no one helped and no one could hear me.
“WHERE ARE WE” I screamed and his expressions became angry.
“SHUT UP” he yelled and raised the metal bar as if he was going to hit me... I began to cry. He wiped my tears away although I was crying nonstop.
“Darling... Oh my darling... You’re the first.”
“My first bride” he chuckled and I began to cry even more and screamed my lungs out, he then began to chuckle even more

~Time passes~

He was cleaning my hands and feet, I was still crying although I had calmed down a little. I wanted to ask him so many questions but I was scared.
“What are your intentions...?” I whispered
“My intentions? Why? I’m not going to kill you”
“I’m afraid”
“Of what”... I hesitated before saying anything. In fear that he would hurt me.
“You” I looked at him and he looked at me, we locked eyes for a second and then he smiled and said
“No need to be afraid, I’ll treat you well, and soon enough, you’ll have a friend”
“A friend?” I asked
“A friend” he answered, “A friend that related to you and had the same experience”. I stated to cry because I was so afraid that someone would go through the same as me. He was still scary. Did I mention that... He wears a mask? Not like a typical mask like Anonymous or anything like that. The mask covered his whole face and made it look like he was bald. I stopped crying. He noticed then smiled. I was nervous.
“Take it off” I said
“The mask?” He asked
“Yes.” I said confidently. He then chuckled again
“You are very brave... Did you know that?” He then looked at me, and stopped cleaning my hands, “Do you want to see my face?”
“Yes... please. I really want to know what you look like”
“Darling... Maybe another day. It’s still dark out and you must be tired” He then injected something in me. I felt my eyes getting heavy and my body getting lighter.
“Goodnight darling” he said, and I then, fell asleep. A deep, deep sleep.

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