The Seven Brides

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Name: Max Lee, Age: 37, Status: Single, Address: Unknown.

It was still dark, in the morning of March 22nd. He was still awake, despite the thoughts that has been keeping him awake... Seven brides, one man, infinity. It played over and over in his head, like a disco. He wouldn’t give up so easily... At least not today.
He lived somewhere, where he wouldn’t get bothered by anyone. No friends, no family, no lovers and etc... He had no one but his thoughts. That was driving him insane. He couldn’t live alone like this anymore, he wanted someone that he could marry, that would have him happy... Someone that would be good to him. However someone wouldn’t be enough, he needed more than someone. He needed... 7 someone’s. His thoughts still wouldn’t leave him alone though... “No one” he thought to himself, “No one.” and again, “No one..” and once more “No one...”. The thought of having no one was driving him insane... He looked around him. Cells, rust, mask, water, tape, chains, metal bar, bowl, cameras, bed, food, stairs, and... a dress. A brides dress. He then closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Gasoline, like when you put down asphalt. He then listened to everything around him. Machines & cars. Then, he opened his eyes. Silence. Silence surrounded him. Then, his thoughts came rushing through his mind. And once more, silence. Then he thought to himself, “Where do I start”.
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