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Lockie Williams and Xavier Terrance are two normal boys at first glance. However, they are hiding a deadly secret from the outside world. Both boys are in Year 11 of school at Howard Heights High. Bullied constantly by the kids at the top of the hierarchy of the school, Lockie and Xavier declare war through seemingly harmless pranks known as 'Renegade Missions'. However, things turn sour quickly, and then they plan something much bigger, much more sinister. They plan on taking the lives of multiple people. THE RENEGADE ATTACK is what they decide to call their operation. Will they successfully carry out their planned attack? Or will they be stopped just in time? Read to find out ... THE STORY IS SPLIT INTO THREE PARTS: - The Start of the School Year - The Renegade Missions - The Renegade Attack

Thriller / Drama
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‘It’s not too late to go back,’ said my best friend; the greatest friend a boy could ask for.

‘No. We must do what we set out to do. Don’t you see?’ I replied sharply.

‘Okay …’

That was a couple of nights ago.

But this is now.

So here I am, sitting in my room, writing in my journal. I decided to write in here to show the world what he and I set out to accomplish.

We set out to accomplish something big, grandiose.

We, Lockie Williams and I, are going to destroy that goddamn school.

We swore it in a blood oath.

And soon, the school will pay -- for all the injustices: the bullying, the endless days of torment.

Of course, our friends never knew, none. Not even any of our family. No one. So, law enforcers, don’t take your anger out on our loved ones.

Or we will be back for revenge.

We, of course, only had one inspiration: Teresa Toya. She was a hero in our eyes. But we don’t follow her dumb beliefs, for we are original!

Either way, we hope to meet that sonuva bitch in Hell.

Goodbye for now.

We’ll see you very, very soon.

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