The Silver Lining

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Chapter 31 - Grace Before

Dear diary,

As I lay in bed, riddled with an incurable cancer, I weigh up the value of my life. The choices that I had made. I thought I knew myself once upon a time, but until you have been pushed to the brink of death, you will never understand how that will truly impact you. I was a person without fear, a person capable of anything. Crossing me again, well, you’d only have yourself to blame.

I deserve to die; I know that. I have done horrible things, but what I am not guilty of is being a bad mother. I always put Zoe first. You have to understand, writing that letter was extremely difficult for me. Everything I did was to protect Zoe. James being in a relationship with Vivienne, after everything I had done for our family, was the tipping point.

I have nothing to loose.

In death, I can rewrite my life. That thought brings me more power than I have felt in years.

Zoe is strong and loyal. I know she will do the right thing and set the dominoes in motion. I know she will go against my advice and talk to the police. She’s always been so independent and righteous. Mummy’s little girl. As long as Caitlyn keeps her mouth shut, everything will be alright. But that’s the problem with secrets. You can’t ever completely control how they will unravel.

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