My successful story

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The story is about a girl who struggled a lot, after her mother and father divorced. When her father married to another woman she had to struggle more because of her step mother and she struggled to live with har first mother

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My successful story


My name is Sanjana my life is almost full of thorns my mom and dad belongs to black and white days the fall in love with each other but their families disagree for their marriage because of cast problem and also families anger
Some Days Went
but their decisions didn't changed so my mother decides to suicide
Thanks to Doctors
They saved my mom after this incident thier families agree for thier marriage
After one year
My mother gave birth to me
The day I come in this world my father had a progressed and got a big deal of billions
Every one said
' I am a Good Luck for my father '
" but no one's know my future "
I was born cute and beautiful

but when I was 10 years old my mother and father gave divorced to each other. The court ordered that I'll stay with my mom and my father will pay my school fees and other education and activities funds and money which will be required in my studies.
After one year my father married another woman who's name was Janavi she was very rude and she always thinks that 'she's the most beautiful lady in this world '
but in reality she was not the 28 percent of my first mother she always treat me like a made, a servant. She always takes my advantages and misuse me
Sometimes I feels that I am falling from the height I am shouting 'help me' but nobody is helping me

The Days went
when I was in 10th class my dad stop paying the money for my education just because my step mother ordered my dad to make me a house maid after knowing that they are going to sell me to a rich old man who was really sooo..... fat and ugly who was not less than a devil I shouted and said "'no' stepmother you can't do that my mother is in hospital just because of her I was living like a maid you're a witch a greedy witch " after saying this sentence she slapped me and pushed me out of the house while going back to my old house and thinking that how'll I pay hospital's fees I saw a new company which was very new in the country so I joined it
and start earning for my mommy

After Some Days
My stepmother knew that I am working in a new big company she became jealous and tried to kill me she send a man to kill me but the man was just a beigneer so by mistake he dropped his phone and at that time I called the police.

Police took my stepmother and my father to the jail

I got an amount of money for me and my mom and the hospital fees was payed by police

I was really Thankful to police
And from that day I lived happily with my mom.

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