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By Alex Crisp All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller


When his mother walks out, teenager Daniel takes on the responsibility of looking after his baby brother. Life as a student, a carer and a part-time restaurant worker is tough but becomes decidedly weird when Daniel is visited one night by an angel, who tells him that he has been chosen to combat individuals infected with Sin. His attempts to ignore or refuse this task are thwarted however when one man infected with Sin enters his life. Oderisi Superbia, a man with powers that defy explanation, who has already begun to hunt Daniel. Is Daniel really the chosen one? Can he save his brother and his friends from Oderisi's power? But more importantly, will he be able to survive?

Thirty until the end

Thirty until the end

The beginning of the end placed at the beginning of the beginning...


…the beginning of the beginning, beginning with the beginning of the end

In a place that was neither heaven nor hell there were three people. Not human, angel, demon or a mixture of any.

The tall one and the broad one were arguing and the strange one was off in a corner doing something. Between the broad one and the tall one was a chest board, seven white pieces facing an empty battlefield.

“I’ve decided,” Broad said in his grumbling tone. He held aloft a tall rook.

“Well good for you, now maybe you’d like to pick correctly this time,” Tall said scowling.

Broad glared in response. “Oh of course, because you have all the answers and I am a mere simpleton lurking in your shadow, counting the days until I am bestowed your wisdom.

“Thank you for admitting it.”

“What does it matter anyway, it’s not exactly like this matters in the scheme of things.”

“No it doesn’t but at least focusing on this game distracts me from your gargantuan hideousness.”

“Says the definition of beauty.”

“Yes, so says he, he also selects a different piece,” he held aloft a bishop.

“And what exactly is the difference between my piece and your piece?”

“My piece isn’t tainted by your idiocy.”

“Are you sure that this isn’t you being petty?”

“No, but explain to me how your piece is better than mine?”

“Because mine isn’t marred by your…just you in general.”

“How eloquently put.”

“You speak as if you selected your piece after much consideration and thought.”

“Why would I do that, they’re only humans. Besides you picked your piece by random as well. Are you saying that you have much better luck than I do?”

“Well I’m stuck for eternity looking at you so I can’t say my luck is good in general.”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“So we can agree on something.”

“Yes, we both hate each other and we both don’t give a damn about human beings. Shall I take a look and see if there are any other reality warping discoveries lying in wait?”

The pair of them quietly fumed at one another.

“Why are we arguing about this anyway?” The broad one asked after a while.

“Well we have infinity to argue about something so this might as well be part of the agenda.”

“That’s not what I mean,”

“Well then you should be clearer in your speech.”

“And you should be patient and let me get to my point.”

“And endure you speaking, anything I can do to prevent or limit that is one of my priorities.

Another silent fuming moment. “Finished?”

“For the foreseeable future.”

“Good, because what I was going to say is that why do we have to pick a piece at all? This whole situation is his doing anyway.” Broad pointed over to the strange one in the corner.

“Humph, that is a good point, as it was a thought I was just pondering myself.”

“You act as if admitting I had a good point might kill you.”

“Why exactly should I take the risk?”

The broad one growled in his throat and turned to the strange one. “Hey you, you created these things in the first place you should pick the person.”

“Also considering the fact that you are the one who insisted that we actually pick a champion of sorts to defend them. If it was up to us we’d just let the gnats get slaughtered, it’d save us a lot of headaches in the future.”

Broad looked curiously at Tall. “Are we actually agreeing on something?”

Tall held a finger to his lips. “Quiet the universe might hear and tear itself apart.”

The strange one was on the table. He had teleported away from his corner whilst the pair of them bickered. His diminutive body waddled over to the box full of black pieces. His towering cranium threatened to topple him over whilst his baby fingers rummaged around.

After some time, which Broad and Tall spent wishing one another’s death, the strange one pulled out a piece. It was a knight, the piece itself looked scuffed and had a significant chip in its back.

“You’ve no objections?” Tall asked.

“And further our conversation, not a chance.”

“Fine, let this person suffer the circumstance of luck.”

The strange one placed the sad little knight on the board.

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