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The Red Dragon

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It’s about a dangerous online game ‘The Red Dragon’ where teenagers are targeted and lured into with a world title and Ten Million US Dollars, for which 29 tasks to be completed with huge risk and physical tortures. Like a flying winged termite attracted to sources of lights and finally burnt down, the teenagers also perish. Proofread and Edited By : Hanah @ Nucking _ Futs the wonderful and best poet of Inkitt and my bestie and everything, and I really owe her what all I have

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Confidential note to all Operational Executives: Destroy immediately after reading.

Date: Classified

Location: Classified

There were six people, four men and two women in the heavily guarded underground chamber. The chamber looked like a scientific theater with dim lights, fully airconditioned, equipped with various types of technical equipment including a lot of monitors and a giant screen on one corner of the room. They all were seated in posh executive comfortable chairs arranged in two rows, each seat was kept three feet apart. The Boss was seated in the front, in a single revolving leather sofa, facing both the Operational Executives as well as the giant screen fixed in front of the chairs. They were looking intently at the Boss to start the proceedings but the Boss took his time and he was very inattentive while enjoying the smoke, though it’s an AC room. Then out of the blue, the Boss ordered; ‘Start’. Immediately a projector started running and there appeared the pictures of a teenage boy who looked like a 16-17 years old, sitting in a tiny room in front of a laptop, on the screen with a compatible sound. All of them became very alert now and were intently looking at the giant screen while their ears were sharpened to hear the audio. Then they saw the live-action along with the audio;

The boy leaned forward now placing the headphone properly covering both his ears and there occurred a conversation giving some directions through the audio system;

‘So dear, are you ready for the final round task?’

‘Yes boss, I am ready.’ The boy replied with a pleasant and enthusiastic look.

‘Are you aware that you are the first person to complete all the tasks in a praiseworthy manner and reached the final stage of the game, globally, and within minutes you would be rich by Ten million dollars if you complete the last and final task?’

‘Yes boss, I know that and I am very much elated about it.’

‘Ok, fine. What’s your plan and how do you wish to spend the amount’?

‘I have planned for a few things and I definitely want to live my life to the fullest with all the money I have and the most important part is that I want to take revenge which I call returning the favor in my language, from all the guys who always treated me very badly, as if I was of no good at all and for a lot of other reasons’

’Ok, that’s good, and coming back to the final and last task, here it is!


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