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mystery about a teenage boy who was give a simple choice and he chose death...witness the story that goes beyond this realm and give you chills as it unfolds chapter by chapter.

Thriller / Action
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The Beginning

You can't change the past. It is the hard written rule of reality. Time travel stories work because they give us hope. It is good to think about changing a choice you made but if you ask me, your choices made you the person you are today, doesn't matter good or bad. We often see things in two rigid sides, good or bad, black or white. We forget that sometimes there are grey areas in life where we can't decide weather the choice in front of us is good or bad. This exact choice was given to gary.

Our story starts with a pleasantly warm light shining through the window of a room that is mildly illuminating. Gary woke up due to an ear wrecking alarm which was clicked on snooze with unbelievable speed but the comfort of his bed was disturbed yet again by his mother who was in her 40s and calling her only son for a breakfast of french toast and a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This was their usual breakfast whenever his mother was late for her day job (which was frequent). She worked as a waitress in a restaurant chain which was relatively new and was paying higher than most of its competitors due to which she can not afford to be late on her job or else she would have to look for another.

Gary came down irritated due to lack of sleep. He was chatting with his only close friend till 3am, there was a deadly debate weather you should put sauce on pizza. Gary was successful and convinced her to stop putting sauce on pizza every time they eat out. It was mildly infuriating to him.

It was a morning with a clear sky and an oppressed mind. Gary was overwhelmed with thoughts of not completing his assignment on time and he will have to face the wrath of his professor's short tempered self. He was not ready yet to be perished due to JFET & MOSFET transistors, he had to get to the classroom before his professor and complete that last bit.

At the moment he wrote his last line contributing to the disadvantages of MOSFET, came a glare from the eyes of his age old arch nemesis.

"what do you want Brian"

"I want your assignment gary, my guess is you haven't put a name on it yet since you are still writing it" said Brian in his deep but throat cut voice. There was silence which was broken by cliché dialogue loop of Brian's henchmen.

"didn't you hear what Brian just said you goofus" came an original insult from the curvy mouth of jb.

"i think he's high" said Brad and to be fair Gary does looks like he's high when he's bored and tired at the same time. He snatched his assignment when Brian tried to take it and met with a death stare from Brian's ever glaring eyes. He instantly came into fight or flight mode and took the choice his wise self told him.

He was running towards the gate of the auditorium but it was locked and he missed his chance to be trailed off from the radar of the eyes of those three rugby playing bulls running towards him. He improvised and entered a door which led him to the swimming pool and there was no way forward so, he turned back to get out but Brian and his henchmen came into the room as he reached towards the door.

Chills ran down his spine and he was thinking about fighting but couldn't let himself man up, he was scared of the herculean mass of the three. He panicked and threw the assignment into the pool as Brian tried to snatch it out of his hands. Brian didn't liked this action at all. He punched Gary in the face. Gary's eyes watered and couldn't focus on the second one that came right at his nose again. He felt helpless in the situation when the third punch came straight into his gut and threw him off balance. He fell in the pool. Brian took off after seeing the pathetic situation of Gary and satisfying his monstrous ego without a clue that Gary don't know how to swim and the water was deep on this side of the pool.

Gary tried to reach out to something of a tangible property but he found water and water alone. He panicked and couldn't think of anything, his mind went blank. He was all alone struggling to get out but couldn't let out a breath of hope and hope was slowly declining as his failure to get out was becoming more evident by the minute. He was moving his body with full force but his frail body was moving on the same spot in the middle of the pool. He let out his breath as he couldn't hold it any longer, after a long exhale water got through his nose as he inhaled inevitably. He felt a surge of pain striking through his head. His arms were getting tired and he was on the brink of unconsciousness and was losing all hope as he thought today is the day he died protecting JFET & MOSFET transistors. He let go of his struggle as he accepted his inevitable death.

Suddenly, there was a sudden blue and green light of lightning property in the room striking from under the water and illuminated the whole room. Gary's body was floating on its own and Gary was unconcious. As he got out of the water floating over the pool, his eyes opened with no pupils but plasma filled lightning that flowed like liquid through each of them. One eye was blue and the other one, green.

#writer's note: This was a trial chapter if you like it...I'll write more🙃
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