In the Wake of Night

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Being a voyeur was a solitary existence. That’s how Lucas liked it. When he started, it was completely innocent. In the beginning, everything was under control but the better he got, the more risks he took. He knew things would catch up with him eventually. What he could never have predicted was what he’d find out along the way.

Thriller / Romance
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Such an angelic face. How I long to stroke your chalk-white skin with my fingertips. Feel the soft ridges of your perfect profile. Caress the gentle slope of your freckled nose and the plump of your cheek. To trace your protruding cupid’s bow that shines irresistibly in the amber glow. If only I could part those supple, rosy lips with a kiss. Your brow is frowning. What is on your mind? I wish I could banish all your worries away. Just look at me. Open your chestnut-brown eyes and look at me. If only you could see how beautiful you are through my gaze. A murmur. A stir. You are so restless tonight aren’t you? Do you want me to slide beneath your sheets? I could hold your precious body against mine. Hug the curves of your waist between my hands. Whisper your name in your ear. Sophia. Could you resist me? Don’t turn away. I long to pull you back into view. Alas, I shall leave you to your dreams. Until tomorrow, my love.

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