Murder served cold

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Two girls are planning on a normal sleepover, like any other teens. But when one dies, and four other people show up uninvited, who will be next?

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{authors note:
Hey guys before you read this just know I am not certain it’s perfect! I didn’t have anyone to read this for me; and in the description of the book if you’ve stumbled across this story on wattpad yes it’s mine :) I wanted to post on here because why not?! But as I’ve said I’m not sure it’s perfect and I’m not very experienced with writing I only write for the fun of it! Let me know if you want more}

*side note: there will be blood, and gruesome images in this book so if it triggers you I advise not to read, i won’t say it’s scary scary but we’re all different so please don’t force yourself :)*

I checked her pulse breathing hard, I couldn't find anything, her breathing wasn't there, and her skin was as cold as ice. You've figured it out. This sleepover isn't like the others, so let me take you to the beginning. My name is Louise, I'm a 17 year old girl, applying for her college options. I sound simple and boring right? Wrong.

"A sleepover? Sounds fun... for 13 year old girls" I said laughing, "yeah, but we've never had one! Come on it'll be fun!" This is my friend Diana. Her mother and father died over a week ago from flying back from LA, we used to never be very close, she never had much friends, so I introduced her to mine. Her brother started going out more and leaving Diana in my hands, she really didn't have anyone like everyone else did. Even though she has a bad past with her reputation, she's really just seen in a different type of view. She makes jokes about how she always 'lives in my shadow' and I've never really knew what to say, was she trying to point out I tried taking main role in her life story too? "Come on if you do it, I'll go back on my medications." That was completely unfair, she should be taking them anyway! "What the hell Diana, why aren't you taking them again?!" She gave me a sullen look, and kicked her foot in shame to the ground. I raised my brow, and said "you know what, fine I'll come to this stupid sleepover, I have some money so we can go and get whatever we need." She knew I sounded disappointed in her, I mean I tried to make it very obvious, but her brows lifted, and she smiled "LETS GOOOOO" she screamed.
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