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The Day The Dead Awakens

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Chapter Two

We discover Andy's parents mangled on the bathroom floor. They were in here to hide from zombies. It's unfortunate.

Charlie and I find the truck keys on top of the icebox. Andy's baby pictures scatter across the top part. I smile, taking a look at his memories. "I lost my boy at the age of seven." Charlie speaks but he doesn't get into detail about it. "Looks happy. Poor kid" he says holding his head down. "I just-" he starts to say but I chime in, "I know" I shake my head up and down.

"Should we go back and get him to bury him here?" Charlie asks. I can see the sadness in his eyes. We barely knew him but death is always gloomy. "There's nothing left of him Charlie" I start to choke. He sighs. "You did your best. That's what matter" he says firmly gripping my shoulder.

Ryan raids the house upstairs for guns and more supplies. Chardonnay sneers at me before she joins him. Bad vibes radiate off her. The only thing I can say is she needs to get her foot out of her ass. She's not the only one who's going through this apocalypse. She should atleast be grateful we aren't alone. I roll my eyes dismissing my thoughts of her.

"There's nothing here" he says coming from down the stairs. Chardonnay follows him like a puppy."Yeah, its pretty empty" she says batting her eyes at Ryan.

"I was thinking about setting some ground rules." Charlie says before he sits down. "Yeah" Chardonnay says again for some reason. Charlie's right eye twitch when he looks at him. "What rules you had in mind?" Ryan asks and Charlie proceeds to tell us what he came up with.

These are the basic rules:

1. Keep your eyes sharp.
2. Move quietly (you don't want to gain attention).
3. No one gets left beind.

The first rule is simply because you do not want to run into one of those zombies. They are ruthless WILL tear you apart if they get the chance. The second rule is made being that if one hears you, they all will. And finally, the last rule is important because we have to stick together.

Everyone agrees to follow Charlies rules. It gets freezing at night and the truck is our only source heat.

"Zzzzooooomm" the electricity finally goes out. "I call shot gun!" Chardonnay announces.

We head to the garage one after the other. Ryan opns the trunk to place our bags, his eyes widen. "What?" I ask curious as to what he sees. I walk next to him and my mouth drops open. Guns and ammunition. "Looks the Andy's parents were planning on leaving" Charlie says as he gets in the drivers side. Ryan picks a gun up, "This is an AR-15" I've never seen him smile so big. He points to another one. "That's an assult rifle and the last two are pistols" he teaches. He places the guns back before he closes the trunk. "We're in good hands" he winks at me. Once we're all in the vehicle Charlie starts it. The doors lock automatically when he drives. It's dark but we see hordes of zombies standing around through the headlights. They chase us as we pass by. Charlie stomps on tbe petal leaving then in the dust.

Car rides use to always relax me. I feel better knowing that im safe. We can just run the zombies over if we want to. Chardonnay holds the map open with a flashlight in her mouth. "Take interstate 10" she says still gazing at the map. "It'll take us straight out of Louisiana and into Texas."

Montanna is at the top of the United States. It'll take approximately three days to get there and that's without making stops. My eyes get heavy as I look into the picth black windows. It's silent and that's my cue to get some rest. I yawn, resting my head against it.

It doesn't take long for me to fall asleep.
A worn down bulding appears in front of me as I walk down a narrow path. Zombies fill the area as they drag their limbs around. I watch as the door automatically opens, to lure me in. I look back at the zombies and they bow. I glance at them as I start walking. Their faint green eyes glow in the dark. I walk through the door way and find myself in the dark. "Hello?" I call out, sweat soaks my skin. I am afraid of the dark. Suddenly lights flash on and a half man and half zombie pops up infront of me. I scream as I jump back. "Queen" it drags the word out. The zombie side of his face is decaying. The texture resembles a fury peach. The human side has honey brown eyes. A lighter shade than mine. "Do I scare you?" The zombie mans speaks. I shake my head yes. He then transform fully human. He's beautifully structured. Thick eyebrows sit on his forehead as he furrows them. "Where are you?" He asks. "Im here" I answer. He shakes his head no then taps on the watch that's on his wrist.

I wake up realizing that it is just a dream. The sun shines bright through the truck windows. Something weighs my head down. I look up to see Ryan sleeping over me. I must've ended up on his shoulder as we slept. I slowly slide my head from under his. He wakes up as soon as his head drops lower. "Oh! Uh sorry" I say then move closer to my side of the vehicle. "Where are we?" Ryan asks rubbing his eyes. "We're almost in New Mexico." Charlie says.

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